Bathroom Basins You Should Consider For Your Next Remodel

April 7, 2022

Bathrooms are an important segment of your house, just like any other space. Since bathrooms are used daily while remodeling them, selecting the perfect sink is one of the most critical decisions.

Bathroom basins Melbourne can either blend in with the existing design of the bathroom or stand out as a bold statement piece. But the most vital aspect of a sink is that it should be functional and effective.

There are various bathroom sinks based on factors like the material it is made out of, the basin position, design, and many more. These beautiful bathroom basins add style to your bathroom and make it look more presentable.

Here are some of the bathroom basins that you should consider for your next remodel :

  1. Drop-in Basins: They are the classic basin design and are among the most popular styles because of their neutral style and easy adaptability. It is often built on countertops, and it has an extra lip around its edges which prevents water from spilling out. They are easy to clean and are affordable.
  2. Wall-mounted Basins: They are another common type of basin. These can be attached to the bathroom wall without anything to cover the plumbing fittings or the pipe supplies. They have brackets to which they are stuck in the wall and don’t require any base to touch the ground. They help you save space and have versatile designs.
  3. Pedestal Basins: Pedestal basins are stand-alone sinks, and they are mounted onto a pedestal. The pedestal contains all the pipe supplies and plumbing fittings inside. Although they lack storage options, they are ideal for making a statement. It is also suitable for half bathrooms or smaller bathrooms as it does not require a countertop. They are compatible with small bathrooms and have trendy designs.
  4. Trough Basins: It is an old sink style that has been revived and has gained “farmhouse modern style” popularity. They are deep and have multiple faucets attached, making it convenient for two people to use them simultaneously. It is an ideal alternative to dual sink options and has versatile material and design options.
  5. Vessel Basins: They are the unique style of modern basin options. The design consists of a bowl-like basin sitting on the counter space. Meanwhile, the plumbing fittings are beneath the countertop. They are stylish and add a different style to the bathroom. These beautiful bathroom basins are made out of several materials like natural stone, marble, copper, wood, and many more for the customers to choose from. As you can understand, there are versatile options available, and it allows for extra- counter space and storage. Also, they are statement pieces for the bathroom remodel.


Each of these beautiful bathroom basins that we talked about above has its unique style and, when attached, gives a different outlook to the entire remodel. Each of these designs has its pros and cons, and you can choose the one which suits best for your bathroom based on the space available in your bathroom and the style of the other elements in the bathroom.

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