Benefits of Impact Doors and Windows

April 21, 2022

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Many alternatives are available to you for windows and doors for your home. These house essentials will keep you safe and secure, whether you're looking for a sturdy front door or storm-resistant windows.

One of the most common home improvement projects is installing impact-resistant windows and doors. These products are especially beneficial in areas at risk of hurricanes and high winds. However, these products provide more than just storm protection.

Benefits of impact doors and windows

Keep reading to learn about some of the benefits of impact-resistant windows and doors that go unnoticed, as described below:

1. One-time installation

Only a single installation project is required for these doors and windows. It's vital to know that if you decide to have these installed, you'll need to replace your complete window. This isn't the same as adding a protective coating to your current window glass. However, once these are in place, the installation is done. There are no additional treatments or reapplications required.

2. Reduce the amount of time needed to prepare for a storm

Impact-resistant windows and doors can make a big difference, even if there are a lot of steps involved. These devices can endure strong winds and even direct strikes for your family's safety. Furthermore, no additional parts are required for these house components. The installation and storage of hurricane shutters, while basic storm protection gear, can be painful.

3. Additional safety

The most important reason to purchase impact-resistant home products is security. Many residences have weak windows and doors, posing a safety threat. A thief could easily break into these windows and doors, even though a strong breeze would not harm them. If you're worried about your family's safety, installing impact windows and doors may be the safest solution.

4. Designed to protect

It's hard to believe how strong and long-lasting impact-resistant windows and doors are. Even if a thief used a crowbar to smash a window or door, the glass would remain securely in the frame, preventing entry. Clear interlayers embedded within the glass are what's responsible for this. These windows and doors effectively thwart the most prevalent ways of a house break-in.

5. Soundproof

Do you have noisy neighbors or a busy street? Impact-resistant windows and doors endure strong storms and reduce noise. Noisy neighbors are a major concern in busy areas. Remember this if you work from home.

Multiple layers of impact-resistant glass isolate sound. The glass layers' varied densities absorb and scatter sound. This reduces outside noise and increases productivity. 63% of individuals with impact windows say they never hear outside noise.

6. Cheap Insurance

Coastal dwellers are looking for strategies to reduce their homeowner's insurance prices. Using impact-resistant windows and doors can save a lot of money. Hurricane-resistant windows and doors might save you money if you live in a hurricane-prone area. The money you save on insurance is a benefit that can enhance your return on investment.

7. All openings need to be guarded.

Saving money on insurance is great, but it isn't always that easy. Many insurance providers won't give you a discount until all of your home's openings are covered with impact-resistant materials.

8. Improve energy usage

These energy-efficient windows and doors help you save money. It's because they're insulating. Separate pane windows are less insulated than double and triple-pane windows. It insulates well, especially when used with vinyl frames. This will save you money on electricity and save your air conditioner from overworking in the heat. Low-E coatings can help deflect solar heat and protect against UV rays.

9. Increased System Lifespan and Lower Energy Consumption

HVAC systems work harder and longer when single-pane glass is utilized, common in ordinary homes. Poor insulation is to blame. To keep your family comfortable, these units put in a lot of labor. As a result, you may need a new HVAC system sooner than anticipated. You may save money on your utility bills by installing impact-resistant windows and doors that include increased insulation.

10. Impact-resistant windows and doors can change your property

As you can see, impact-resistant windows and doors have several advantages. In addition to enhancing security and reducing noise, these products can help raise the value of your home. Do some research to locate the finest possibilities for you, as these windows and doors come in various styles. Installing new windows and doors is an excellent location to begin any home renovation or improvement project.


As a result, hurricane impact doors installation and windows installations are a great option for various applications. Deterrents like this help keep you safe and comfortable.

However, many may not be aware that these products benefit beyond storm protection. These windows and doors provide intruder protection, UV protection, and noise reduction.

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2 comments on “Benefits of Impact Doors and Windows”

  1. It's nice to know that impact windows can also help in soundproofing a room. I'd like to get those for my bedroom because storms can get a bit unforgiving where I live. Perhaps the soundproofing can also prove useful in some instances.

  2. You really caught my attention when you talked about how impact and storm windows are great at providing soundproofing as well. These kinds of benefits really sound like something for me to invest in to help me make my home better and easier to pay for. I'll go and ask a storm window expert for some help immediately so we can install some.

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