Best R32 DC Inverter Heat Pump Brands in 2022

April 28, 2022

The R32 technology has been the talk of the refrigerators and air conditioning industry, seconded by the 2019 shift from R410A to R32 by about 71 %. This was a surge of 52 % in 2018 and from a total null in 2013. But why the change?

R32 technology will be incorporated in ducted systems and larger cooling equipment.  The R32 refrigerant is all about efficiency when it gets to cooling. And it's with the additional environmental friendliness, that DC inverter heat pumps are now within the R32 loop.

On the norm, that's a trend that every brand is trying to adhere to. As a result, there are many R32 inverter heat pumps in the current market.  Without keen consideration, you may land in the wrong hands. Again, this is why you have this post of the best three brands offering R32 DC Inverter Heat pumps.

The 19KW 20KW R32 DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps for Cold Areas from SPRSUN

SPRSUN DC inverter heat pumps are designed for comfort and choice specific. But, it's the R32 and the Inverter at the center of its functionality. Besides that, it features

  • 5 inches touch display: This is a useful component that allows the operator to make adjustments and customize the system's settings.  Users may readily verify the fault codes because of a simple contemporary UI.
  • EVI DC functioning at -300C: Since the design employs EVI low-heat DC, it is designed to fit cold climates.  In regards to that, the SPRSUN heat pumps produce 600°F hot water and perpetuate heat for the property even in -300°F weather.
  • The software can be modified with just a click: Most software needs to be updated from time to time.  These heat pumps feature are designed to alert the user when updates are required.
  • Lastly, it has a low noise output, R32 refrigerant, intuitive defrosting feature, and smart controls.

SPRSUN has a 1-year warranty and also continues to offer lifelong maintenance services.

Fantastic R32 DC Inverter Pool Heat Pump

Fantastic heat pumps offer three variable running modes thanks to their proprietary savvy inverter tech and complete inverter hardware on the dual rotary compressor with DC brushless fans. Also, this heat pump is designed to minimize noise production to endure comfortability.

  • The COP varies from 14 to 5.4 (Air 27°C / hydro 27°C / Rh 80 %).
  • Has inverter pump for low speeds and more energy savings (One-kilowatt input for 15-kilowatt output)
  • Has an inbuilt WI-FI and remote-control option?
  • Its Coefficient Performance is 70 % better than a standard on and off heat pumps and 50% better than the standard inverter heat pumps.
  • It is ten times silent compared to standard on and off heat pumps.

This is the R32 heat pump for you if you want to save money on electricity and have a peaceful swimming pool. Getting it means making less noise in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, the FANTASTIC R32 inverter pool heat pumps can work in a -15°C environment. This means you may use less heat in the winter and extend the swimming period.

Further, its Inverter can instantly select the ideal compressors and engine running speeds after your heat pump is turned on.  Additionally, its EEV opens naturally in response to heat and cooling needs.  Compared to a standard fixed-speed pool heat pump, fantastic pumps can save up to 50 % electricity.

RevereTM R32 Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps

Revere's Air to Water Heat Pumps with R32 may be utilized for heating, conditioning, and water heating in severely cold places thanks to the EVI DC Inverters.

It's, therefore, able to provide 60°C hot water. Further, its energy output may exceed A++, based on scientific ERP testing standards.

The 5-inch savvy touch screen is mounted on the exterior of the R32 cable control. It delivers an easy and comfortable user interface with 0.5ºC accurate controls, water temp graph displays, and easy scheduling.

Again, the revere R32 heat pump has a broad temperature configuration. It implies that they can withstand hot water degrees. Using Wet Infusion, it can perform safely and effectively in environments of -30oC.

It has a smart defrosting function for energy saving and increased efficiency. Lastly, revere R32 heat pumps are 100 % green.

Wrapping up

So that's it, ladies and gentlemen. When searching for brands offering R32 heat pumps, it will be best to check the three brands mentioned above. The R32 in heat pumps is relatively new, and the least you would hope for is to get a wrong impression from the wrong product.


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