Break These 5 Rules from School If You Want to Study Successfully

April 30, 2022

Of course, there are general rules that continue to apply after you leave school: punctuality, honesty, and so on. In addition, there is a whole range of regulations and beliefs that you can safely forget at university. I will now show you why this is the case, which rules you should break from school and how you can replace them with your own in order to study successfully.

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Break the following five rules:

#1 Listen to Mom and Dad!

Whether parents or teachers - while you go to school, your caregivers show you the way. They determine when you get up in the morning and they tell you what is right and what is wrong. They not only influence your thinking but also your actions. At the latest when you go to university, you have to free yourself from helicopter parents and controlling teachers.

It starts with the fact that you choose the course that suits you and fully supports your decision to study. Because then it will be easy for you to come to the lecture on time on your own and to organize your day, your life, and your learning. Become independent and trust yourself to think for yourself. Your parents will certainly continue to accompany you on your way and will be able to give you helpful tips from time to time. But they are not responsible for your life - it's only you now!

#2 Eat What's on the Table!

Or also: Learn what the study plan dictates to you. At school, your teachers take care of teaching you material in various subjects according to a fixed curriculum. That's certainly a good thing, to give you a solid general education and to introduce you to problem-solving methods in different areas.

During your studies, however, you will become an expert. In order for you to really succeed in this step, you have to take action yourself. Unlike at school, you cannot rely on any predetermined schedule. So think very carefully about who you want to be later and what you want to achieve with your studies. In the vast majority of courses, you have to combine your subjects freely in the master's degree at the latest. Face this responsibility and when planning your studies, make sure that you choose your courses wisely and that they are tailored to your goals and interests.

#3 Learn on Command!

The school regularly monitors your learning progress. You get constant feedback on your own performance through homework checks, smaller tests, larger class tests, and exams. You are forced to learn regularly and in manageable portions and to retrieve what you have learned. You will be taken by the hand and guided through the school year. It works differently at university. During the semester nobody is interested in your learning progress. Nobody checks whether you took notes in the lecture or followed up on the material at home. Tests and performance reviews during the semester tend to be the exception.

The rule is that at the end of the semester, during the semester break, you take exams that cover the material from the entire semester. In order to pass these exams, it is important that you develop your own study routine. Ideally, you will work constantly during the semester and thus prevent an indomitable wealth of learning material from accumulating just before the exams. You are responsible for keeping track of your exam dates and the amount and difficulty of each subject. Make sure that you can deliver on time.

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#4 Get Good Grades for Speaking!

You're not doing very well in one subject at school. What do you do? You give a voluntary presentation or participate more in the lessons in the remaining weeks. The teacher will appreciate it and your grade will improve. There are no grades for oral participation in the course. You usually listen to lectures and in exercises and seminars your lecturers are happy if they don't just look at tired faces, but at best if there are nice discussions, but on paper, you don't get anything from your participation.

However, just because your participation doesn't show up on paper doesn't mean it won't do you any good. On the contrary, it can make a lot of sense for you to actively participate in your university events. Ask questions if you don't quite understand something. Join the discussion and give your opinion. The only difference to school: You don't do it to improve your grade ad hoc, but out of interest and to really internalize the material. Additionally, you could just turn to a professional service and say “write my paper,” which would inevitably land you in a better spot academically.

#5 Miss Only with Excuses!

You can't be absent from school without an excuse. And most of the time, illness is the only valid excuse. In all other cases, you have to go to class whether you want to or not - whether you think it makes sense or not. In the higher education sector, the introduction of compulsory attendance is discussed from time to time, but you are currently free to attend or not in many courses and events.

Please do not take this freedom of choice as an opportunity to be absent from your lectures and seminars in a headless, comprehensive manner and purely due to a lack of motivation. But it would be almost as wrong to go to every event just to be there. Therefore, take a close look at your events and test which ones are useful for you. If you can then assess very precisely that lecture X, Y, or seminar Z is really of no use to you, it is better to invest the time sensibly at home, in the library, or in the study room. So do not miss excused, but controlled!


There is a huge difference between school and university. And you have to recognize this difference if you want to study successfully. Of course, there are also some rules and regulations at the university that you have to comply with. In particular, these are structural requirements and minimum standards such as registering for exams in good time, collecting credit points, or submitting your thesis.

However, this has little to do with the rigid rule corset of your school days, which structures your entire day and almost automatically puts you on the road to success. In order to be successful at university, you have to detach yourself from this construct and develop your own rules instead. Make responsible decisions independently and organize your everyday life in such a way that it suits you and your situation.

You will constantly be confronted with new opportunities that will challenge you. But these junctions are your chance - remember your goals and design your studies in such a way that it suits you and allows you to grow personally. It is quite possible that your goals will change over the course of your studies because your interests change or you set different priorities. But that's not bad, it's actually the beauty of your newly won freedom!

Only when you act independently and actively shape your life will you become a real student. Then you feel free and independent; then studying is fun. And: Only then will you release your full development potential and grow beyond yourself.


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