Can You Install Solar Panels On a Flat Roof?

April 5, 2022

Rooftop solar panel installation for most residences is usually done by mounting them to sloped roofs, but why can't solar panels on flat roof too a regular option? It would indeed be tough to attach them to a flat surface, with no slope at all—or worse, in an area where snow buildup occurs regularly—solar panels might not be an option.


But there are ways around these problems. The first thing to look into when installing your solar panels on flat roof is whether or not your local energy company offers any programs that will make buying and installing (or leasing) them more affordable. If they do, then you may still have access to them even if your rooftop isn't ideal for their placement. Or perhaps your city has other incentives in place that will offset some of the cost; double-check here as well!

Advantages and disadvantages of solar flat roof panels

The installation of solar panels on flat roofs has its share of advantages and disadvantages however, with a flat roof, there are a few additional aspects to consider.

Benefits of solar panels for flat roofs

  • You'll reduce your electricity bill
  • Flat roofs make it easy to install and maintain
  • The panels won't likely be visible from the street
  • They're easy to maintain
  • You'll be able to reduce the carbon footprint of your home
  • Costs for labour could be less expensive

Drawbacks of solar-panels on flat roof

Panels are more filthy with time. If you have a tiled roof, it is common for rainwater to wash dirt and other debris off the panels. In the absence of this self-cleaning function, the dirt can remain there, degrading the efficiency of solar panels.

If there isn't any additional equipment for mounting, panels will not receive as much sunlight. Solar panels typically face south when placed on a tilted roof to maximise the sun's exposure and produce more energy. If they're laid flat, the panels will not convert more energy since they won't be receiving the same amount of sunlight.

Flat roof panels could render certain warranties useless - If the panels have been laid out flatly, water will sit between them and the glass layer of the module. Since this gap is covered by silicon, which quickly gets degraded over time, the panels are more likely to be damaged more quickly than they would normally.

Things to consider before installing Solar Panel on Roof

Before making any big decisions, it's always smart to do your research and think things through. If you're installing solar panels on your home's rooftop, here are some of the tips that will likely come up during your research:

  • Will my local utility allow me to install solar panels on roof?
  • What is involved in installing solar panels?
  • How much money can I save by using rooftop solar power over traditional energy sources like coal-powered plants?
  • Should I go through my utility company or install them myself if it makes financial sense?
  • How hard is it to do rooftop solar panel installation?

Once you are sure of these questions and you're clear about your vision of rooftop solar panel installation, you can contact a professional and experienced company for getting your work done.

How do I choose the right type of solar panel for my home?

Before deciding, consider which type of mounting system makes sense for your situation. There are four primary options: rooftop rails, conduit rails and ballasted racking; flush-mounted trackers; and low-profile fixed arrays that don't need racking or mounting hardware because they use special tracker brackets (also called muntins) attached directly to underlying decking or sheathing materials.

You can also choose between mono-crystalline and polycrystalline solar panels. Mono-crystalline cells tend to be slightly more efficient than polys but both can produce electricity in low light conditions. Finally, if aesthetics matter, note that one type of panel design might be better suited for your home than another.


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