Construction Tips to Keep in Mind

April 4, 2022

Are you currently building a new house? Are you looking for damage prevention solutions for your construction project? Then, this post is for you.

Taking on a construction project is an exciting, emotional, and cherished dream for most people, especially if it is their dream house. However, the project can also be stressful and frustrating at some point. Plus, you have to consider careful preparation.

Remember that taking on a new construction project seems east, but you have to deal with many things, from planning to damage prevention solutions. If you have things in order and the correct mindset, you have the advantage when it comes to laying a solid foundation.

So, here are simple construction tips to keep in mind:

Tip #1: Find the Right Team 

First, ensure to search for the right team, including contractors and a team of consultants. Never compromise on a team of skilled, knowledgeable, and experienced consultants. These team members will save you a significant amount of money.

Here are the team members you will need for your new construction project:

Consultants. Your consultant team must be composed of an architect, structural engineer, interior designer, civil engineer, landscape architect, Vastu consultant, MEP consultant including illumination/lighting consultant, liaison engineer/architect for local/municipal authority approval, and soil investigator/geotechnical consultant.

Contractors. The constructors are often comprised of general civil works, electrical, plumbing, flooring, windows/doors/partitions, waterproofing, painting, metal roofing works, structural steel, glazing, surveyor, acoustics and insulation, and landscape.

Other Consultants. You should also look for a tax consultant, loan facilitator, valuer, and advocate.

Note that the above consultants are usually hired by architects who are often the team leaders. However, project management consultants also take that leadership role.

Tip #2: Need vs. Desire 

Another important thing you should consider when planning a construction project is knowing your NEEDS and DESIRES. You have to determine whether you can afford something or not.

Do not forget to draw a clear borderline between what you need and what you desire. Bear in mind that desires are usually endless, but needs can be optimum and known to you.

Tip #3: Finalize the Needs and Prepare the Budget 

Now that you know your needs from your desires, it’s time to finalize your needs. Your basic necessities rely on your culture, lifestyle, budget, etc. After that, you have to prepare the budget. Ensure to commit to that specific budget allocation until the end of the construction project.

Tip #4: Confirm all the Permissions 

You have to confirm all necessary permissions are thoroughly obtained. Meanwhile, the approved plan should have no actual construction and design variations.

Tip #5: Finalize the Color

After finalizing the plan and elevation, the next step is to finalize the color scheme and the interior rooms’ colors. You also need to finalize the color of flooring, windows, roof, toilet fixtures, tiles, and so on.

Tip #6: Finalize Other Details 

Aside from finalizing the color, you also need to finalize other details of your project, such as:

  • All floor plans with the layout of terrace floor, plot/land basement, etc.
  • Utility Data
  • All elevations
  • Furniture layout
  • Sizes and locations of windows and doors
  • Toilet layout
  • Location of load-bearing or columns walls
  • Electrical point layout
  • Material specifications and types of finishes

Tip #7: Ready all the Drawings 

Do not start the construction work if all the drawings are not yet ready. Hurrying up the process will only cost you more later. It will also lead to more delays because of frequent changes and revisions. Your contractor will also get frustrated with the revisions or modifications in design.

Tip #8: Know if Interior Designer and Architect are the Same or Different 

You also have to confirm whether the interior designer and architect you will be working with are the same or different. If different, ensure proper coordination between the interior designer and the architect. Allow your interior designer to be on-board from the first day.

Tip #9: Select the Materials 

Start the material selection process from day one of work. This process includes the selection of windows, railings, door grills, electrical fixtures, furniture, tiles, etc. Ensure that all materials are complete and available on the day you have to start the project and when needed.

Tip #10: Create a Small Contract Agreement 

Like other projects, it is recommended to have a small contract agreement with your contractor. The contract conditions must be clear to both parties to avoid miscommunications, errors, delays, and other issues. You also need to finalize in detail the work scope with different contractors. Do not forget to define their boundary limits clearly.

Tip #11: Estimate the Basic Rates 

When estimating the basic rates of your finishing items, you should collaborate with the consultant for that area. For example, ask the consultant about the rate of Rs. 50/-per sq. ft. tiles.

After the budget approval, do not purchase items costing more than the agreed ones even if they are more attractive. That is because you may exceed the approved budget.

Tip #12: Know the Basic Rates 

You should familiarize yourself with the basic rates of different finishing items necessary for your construction project, such as tiles, sanitary fixtures like sink, washbasin, kitchen platform, etc. So, once you collaborate with your contractor, you already have an idea.

Tip #13: Be Ready with Your Funds 

Before starting your project, be ready with your funds. Remember that money is one of the biggest motivations for bulk or cash purchases. If you pay your team regularly and as quickly as possible, the work can proceed fast. If you trust your contractor, you can give some advance.

You also have to plan and prepare a budget for appliances, interior, furniture, legal documentation, household items like bedsheets, utensils, etc.

Final Thoughts 

Building a new home is a fun and exciting project, but sometimes expect to experience some frustrations. If you want to reduce that stress level and frustration, it is best to carefully plan all the details of your project. You can consider the tips above to have a better chance of succeeding.




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