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April 22, 2022

As technology continues to advance and evolve, smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular. New technologies have been created to take over simple tasks such as turning on a fan or shutting your blinds. And as time goes on, smart home trends are becoming more and more complex.

Smart-home technology may seem intimidating for those who have not tried to make the switch yet. However, for anyone familiar with smartphones and modern-day technology, the installation and accessibility of these devices are both easy and convenient. Countless devices and home features, such as headphones, fans, televisions, and more, are connected to smartphones now. Many individuals rely on their phones for nearly everything and this includes the connectivity of smart devices.

Years ago, smart devices were created for high-end and luxury homes only. However, these devices are affordable and available for purchase from popular e-commerce stores both online and in-store nearly everywhere now. Most smart home devices can even communicate with each other. For instance, Amazon devices are able to sync music and actions with another one that’s located on the opposite side of the house.

What are some popular aspects of smart home technology?

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Control

Artificial intelligence and voice control are two very popular aspects of smart home technology. Amazon Alexa and Siri have become household names around the world. These products are popular for being affordable and easy to use. And although some users may not realize it, Alexa and Siri are both considered artificial intelligence programs. Amazon and Apple are constantly trending for creating updated versions of artificial intelligence programs. These systems can turn the lights on and off, create lists, and play music on speakers around a home. Smart devices, such as phones and watches, can also allow users to lock and unlock their doors if they have a smart lock installed, allowing voice control from anywhere.

Touchless Tech

Another popular aspect of smart home technology is touchless technology. Touchless technology became increasingly popular with the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether it’s a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser or doorbell, these devices eliminate the need to touch them and therefore can lower the chances of transmitting germs. Doorbells, such as Ring by Amazon, allow owners and renters to see who's at their door just by motion. This eliminates the need for their visitor to ring a physical doorbell and the owner to get close to the door to see who is there. Whether you’re 15 feet away or across the country, touchless tech allows users to stay connected to what is going on in and around their property.

Privacy and Security

One of the most popular aspects and trends of smart home devices are the ones that revolve around privacy and security. Smart locks, for instance, are becoming increasingly popular due to their accessibility features. For renovation purposes, customers can track who is coming in and out of their homes and at what times. Smart lock users can monitor on their phone who is at their house and for how long.

Keyless entry is beyond easy for people of all ages as long as they have access to a smartphone. For renters, it’s simple and safe to give access to vacation rental guests and other tenants. In addition to that benefit, some smart locks can offer protection from lockpicking.

Another smart home device that values privacy and security are doorbells and cameras that connect to your smartphone. These devices alert you as well as the local authorities immediately if someone tries to force entry. Doorbells and cameras also allow you to see who is around or on your property at all times.

Smart Thermostats and Temperature Control

Smart thermostats are one of the most popular smart home devices. Smart temperature control can be used both inside and outside of a home. For instance, smart thermostats can even control the temperature of your pool with the touch of a button on your smartphone. Users can even adjust the temperature of their home from miles away so that their home can reach the desired temperature by the time they get back.

Smart home devices that offer temperature control are also considered eco-friendly because users can turn their heat or air-conditioning off while they are away from their home just by using their phone.

Whether it’s a smart lock or Amazon Alexa, these devices are taking over homes around the globe. Their interconnectivity and accessibility make them popular and helpful for a variety of reasons. Smart home devices are constantly trending online and in stores due to their ability to make managing and monitoring homes easier and more convenient. Some of the latest trends include smart locks, smart doorbells and cameras, and smart thermostats. However, new inventions and systems are constantly being created and updated to best suit the needs of all users.


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