Dress Up Your Property With The Garden Office Brighton Locals Are Raving About

April 28, 2022

Like many homeowners in the Brighton and Sussex areas, you probably have a significant amount of outdoor space that isn't being actively used. Although gardens are great for roaming in and appreciating the abundant beauty of nature, they can actually be put to a far more functional and beneficial use. By investing in a garden office Brighton residents can create enclosed, usable spaces that afford them privacy, peace and quiet, and guaranteed peace of mind. Read on to discover some of the impressive benefits that spacious Annex garden buildings supply.

Significantly bigger than garden studios, these buildings come complete with quality, eye-catching flooring, gorgeous rooftops and functional guttering, accessible heating, and large windows for letting fresh air and natural light in. They're flexible, accommodating, and capable of being customised to suit the unique needs of each person. By having an Annex installed, you can get more room for your favourite hobbies and activities, a new space for entertaining, or even a large, functional office that's sufficient in size for hosting meetings.

Additions like these can add a tremendous amount of value to Brighton and Sussex homes. In fact, the garden buildings Brighton residents are installing are known for boosting both resale values and the overall marketability of residential properties. These structures are built on stable, enduring foundations, and their assured of paying for themselves over time. They help residential properties appreciate at a rapid rate, and a they solve a vast range of space-related problems.

It may be that the dynamics of your household have recently changed. You might have a new baby in the family, a relative who's visiting for a long stay, or even an aging parent who's moved back in. Getting away from the noise and extra foot traffic of a busy household can be as easy as stepping right outside and escaping to your own private sanctuary. Best of all, there are virtually no limits on how you can design and streamline your personal, indoor space to suit your tastes and your mood. Everything from the flooring to the wall colours and roofing style can be chosen to fit your lifestyle. Working with designers to customise your order will help you bring your design visions to life.

Given the impressive size of Annex garden buildings, they can be used for a variety of different purposes. If there was every a feature that you wanted in your home but lacked the space for, this is a great way to get it. Professionals can set one up for a functional garden office. Dancers and artists can create their own personal studios. You can create a television room with surround speakers and a projector, or you can create a comprehensive and incredibly functional workout room.

There are also a number of benefits in choosing to have garden studios designed and constructed for you. For instance, with buildings like the Annex, you don't need to get any permits. There is no need to ask for planning permissions, or to jump through any other legal hoops. Although these structures are large enough to accommodate a diverse range of activities, they are also small enough to be built without paying extra fees to first have them approved.

In addition to requiring a sufficient large outdoor space for accommodating this construction, you will also need to ensure that the targeted area is properly primed and graded before installation. These structures are built on concrete foundations. Before the supporting concrete pad is laid, the surface will need to be levelled and stabilised. Depending upon the nature of your current landscaping design, this could mean paying for grading or soil compaction services.

It is also important to ensure that there are no natural or man-made constructions that might impede the progress of these installation. There should be sufficient clearance between the outer walls of a garden office and any nearby fencing or secondary structures. There should not be any low-hanging branches or electric wires above, and no invasive tree routes or utility lines underground. Conducting a thorough study of your intended spot will help you avoid unnecessary delays and frustrations.

With a garden building, you can create your own private space for work, relaxation, learning, recreation, or entertaining. You can even choose a building design like the Annex that is large enough for accommodating multiple activities. Once installed, this structure can be regularly refined to better suit your tastes, or to suit the needs of other activities or applications.


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