Garage Door Repair: What Can You Face With?

April 19, 2022

During operation, garage doors naturally wear out — breakdowns and malfunctions occur. However, it is not always necessary to purchase a new door system. It is much more expedient, and most importantly, more affordable to fix the gate, which allows the protective system to perform its functions again.

The Most Common Problems

The repair of doors often consists of the timely replacement of torsion springs. During the replacement, the torsion mechanism is disassembled, which requires a full range of settings in the future. The second critical point is the failure of the drive motor. Obviously, garage door motor repair should be repaired by qualified specialists like Besides, this company received the Best of the Best Homestars Award — 2022. You can safely trust this company to fix your gates.

The second common breakdown of garage doors is the breakage of cables, where, as a result, it becomes necessary to replace them.

Typically, the cause of the deformation of the door leaf is the impact of the car on the garage door. In this case, individual sections or the entire leaf are replaced. In case of minor damage, the repair of garage doors will consist in straightening structural elements.

And, of course, garage door fixing involves thorough lubrication of all parts to prevent friction and wear of the elements.

Lifting Door Repair

With the help of good specialists, you will get rid of the following problems with the repair of overhead gates:

  • noise (creaking, knocking) during the movement of the leaf;
  • difficult opening of doors, their jamming;
  • breakage or fall of the drum cable;
  • drum failure;
  • breakage of the sectional spring;
  • deformation or breakage of gate guides;
  • sectional shaft failure;
  • breakdown of the gearbox, rollers;
  • roller wear;
  • breakage of springs, weak fastening of the gate hinges.

Operating experience shows that the repair of overhead sectional doors is a rather rare need compared to other types of automatic doors. In case of serious wear of the door leaf, it is better to replace it completely or partially.

Sliding Door Repair

According to experts, one of the main reasons for the breakdown of sliding gates is the wrong laying of the foundation. As a result of this, their displacement occurs, and the gate begins to dangle. The load on the carrier beam and the automation electric motor increases, as a result of which they may become unusable.

Another common mistake that entails the fixing of sliding gates is errors in the installation of automation. The list of common breakdowns is replenished:

  • oxidation of micro-switches;
  • malfunction of photocells;
  • damage to the engine drive gear;
  • violation of the integrity of the wiring.

From time to time, it is necessary to clean and straighten the roller bearings and perform other types of work to maintain sliding gates, which specialists will quickly and efficiently perform. If the check of the breakdown was made correctly, the repair of sliding gates in most cases is fast.

Swing Door Repair

Due to their unpretentiousness in maintenance and simple design, today swing gates are the most popular among garage owners. Repair of swing gates will not require fabulous funds from you and is most often associated with levelling the leaves, lubricating the hinges, eliminating drive malfunctions, and welding.

Typically, the cause of the breakage of the gate is the shift of the pillars. Hanging the gate will bring a short-term result. In case of minor damage, it is necessary to fix the swing gates. If it became necessary to replace some structural elements (including the centre parts), it would be more reasonable to purchase new gates.

If there is no response to the electronics signal, the automation is repaired or replaced. Also, malfunctions of automation include damage to wiring, sticking of microswitches, discharge of a capacitor (and other problems associated with the health of the drive), malfunction of the control unit, etc.

Thus, garage doors can have different types of problems. However, all these problems are solved with the help of qualified specialists. Nevertheless, it is also important to carry out regular inspections and maintenance of garage door systems. This will ensure their reliable and long service life. You can also conclude a contract for the maintenance of doors.



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