Getting A Kitchen Renovation In 2022? 6 Horrific Mistakes To Avoid

April 25, 2022


Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you gather with your guests and family, and where you can practice your culinary skills. It’s also the part of your house that reflects who you are. This is why many homeowners get their kitchen renovated to make their unique ideas shine. Unfortunately, renovating a kitchen is never easy, and it’s common to make mistakes.

Regardless of your reasons to do a kitchen renovation in 2022, there are several horrific mistakes to avoid, and these include the following:

1. Doing It Yourself

Although there’s no harm in doing kitchen renovation by yourself if you have skills and experience, it’s a huge mistake to handle this kind of project on your own. No matter what you’re trying to achieve with your kitchen, whether you want to improve its storage or functionality, hiring a renovation company, like Kitchen & Bath, is necessary.

Once you do so, you’ll avoid unnecessary inconvenience and enjoy many benefits, such as a high standard of workmanship and increased home value. So, opt for an insured and qualified renovation company to get the best possible results with your kitchen renovation project.

2. Using Low-Quality Materials To Save Money

In kitchen renovation, you have to go all out if you want to meet your personal preferences or family’s needs. This is especially true when it comes to materials.

Regardless of your dream kitchen style and budget, you have to prioritize the quality of the materials first. For example, if you often entertain guests and cook meals for your family, you have to avoid materials made from marble. It’s because it quickly etches, chips, and stains. Instead, invest in better quality materials that are stain-resistant, more durable, and can withstand wear effectively.

According to a leading renovation company in Dubai, the costs that you had thought you had saved would be lost every time you end up making repairs and doing maintenance work in the kitchen. In other words, you will end up losing more money than you had originally planned for. This is why you should think about investing some money and getting the best quality products and fit outs for the kitchen renovation project.

3. Forgetting To Plan

The other horrific mistake to avoid when renovating a kitchen is forgetting about proper planning. Remember that any major home renovation project requires a vision and end goal, whether big or small.

Planning doesn’t only revolve around what your kitchen will look like. It also includes how your kitchen will perform to meet your unique needs. When planning, never forget about your routine’s realities. Good design and livability go hand-in-hand. So, consider your daily kitchen habits and figure out your space needs to ensure everything will be organized in your kitchen.

Aside from getting ideas for inspiration, focus on your wants and needs. Every home is unique, and your dream kitchen isn’t about what’s trendy or new, but what fits with your own and your family’s lifestyle.

4. Selecting An Oversized Island

Typically, a kitchen island seems like an all-in-one solution to prevent function and flow issues in the kitchen. However, it isn’t that simple because choosing an oversized island may ruin your kitchen space.

If your kitchen has a small space, an oversized island may create more flow issues, affecting the effectiveness of various areas where you cook and prepare meals. For this reason, you need to choose the right size for your kitchen island.

If you work with a renovation company, professionals can help you determine which style and size of the island will fit best for your space. Depending on your kitchen island preference, they can even provide you suggestions on the different options you can consider for keeping your kitchen layout spacious.

5. Rushing The Renovation Process

Another kitchen renovation mistake to avoid is rushing the entire process. When it comes to kitchen renovation, you have to take it slowly, especially when deciding about your cabinet style or type of flooring. Typically, rushing decisions may result in inconvenience and dissatisfaction when the project is done.

You have to remember that materials may look different in showrooms than they do in your actual kitchen. It’s because color or lighting may impact how the products look in one space. Therefore, it’s crucial to take your time and bring several samples to your home. This will help you determine whether or not the colors come together in your current lighting or design.

6. Underestimating Storage Space

More often than not, many homeowners underestimate storage space. Some homeowners miscalculate the space needed for various items, other than the obvious need for ample storage areas for pans and pots, or small kitchen appliances.

So, if you think you have plenty of kitchen stuff, don’t forget to pay attention to your storage needs when renovating your kitchen. If possible, check out some kitchen remodel ideas to find ways to add extra storage spaces.


Kitchen renovation requires planning and research to avoid mistakes that may cost you more in the long run. Once you do your homework, note the above mistakes to avoid, and hire professionals to meet your project goals. As a result, you’ll get the kitchen of your dreams without any hassle.



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