How to Change Luxury Ornaments to Home Decorations

April 27, 2022

Do you have a luxury ornament that you only get to use during Christmas or other special occasions? I bet, most of your luxury ornaments are studded with diamonds and other precious gemstones.

If that’s the case, then it’s safe to say that you are not getting your item’s worth. Luxury ornaments are pricey. Thus, it is only right to showcase its beauty as much as you can.

But how can you do that? Well, it’s time to give the dull-looking spaces in your home an upgrade. Use your beloved luxury ornaments as home decorations.

Diamonds and Luxury Ornaments for Home Décor

You don't need a design-related degree to make your home look better. All that you need is some creativity. Do not keep your luxury diamonds and ornaments in storage. Use them and the jewelry pieces you own as decoration. After all, they look more attractive when you put them on display.

Whether you have small diamond studs or a diamond pendant, they look stunning when used creatively. There are several effective ways of using diamonds, such as:

Use Crystal Bowls as Table Top Displays

Instead of buying expensive decoration pieces, you can purchase crystal bowls. In fact, a half-broken or old crystal bowl will also do wonders for an average-looking room.

Crystal bowls look great on your tabletops. Whether you have large-sized bowls or small ones, you can set them on your tables. The best part, you can fill up these bowls with old jewelry, marbles, or even gemstones. You could also bring out your favorite ornament to be the bowl’s centerpiece.

1. Use Large-size Mirrors

Mirrors give a spacious look to every room. No matter what the dimensions of your room might be, you can add plain mirrors. It creates a good impact and creates a focal point in the room. Most interior designers recommend adding mirrors to a place to make it visually appealing.

You can use an old mirror as well. All you need to do is add a beautiful border using your luxury ornaments to enhance it. You could also use ornaments if you want to change the shape.

Using Ornaments in Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Luxury ornaments even come in handy while decorating bathrooms and bedrooms. You could use expensive jars and bowls as storage devices for your rooms. Similarly, you can hang jewelry to add to the beauty of an area.

Furthermore, you might have purchased expensive lights around Christmas, and now they are not in use. Well, you can put them to use by hanging them near the bathroom mirror or on one of the bedroom walls. The lights will look aesthetically appealing.

Instead of putting chains in drawers or cupboards, display them on walls. You could hang your diamond wedding band or diamond tennis bracelet with the help of support. Instead of putting on paintings, you could use rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Use Shadowboxes

Shadowboxes look great on any wall. You can display your valuable items by placing them in the box. For example, putting expensive ornaments in shadow boxes that don't find a place on center tables. You could even put old jewelry in it.

The transparent surface allows you to view these beautiful pieces at all hours. Two or three shadowboxes in your lounge or room give off a great vibe. Want to know the best part? They use minimum space. So you can place them anywhere.

Frame Flat Stuff in Your Home

You can frame an old colorful scarf or a sports T-shirt and add it as a decoration to your home. All you need to do is visit a professional picture framer, and he will create a frame according to your requirements.

It's not necessary to only frame your achievements. Sometimes, framing old engagement rings, tennis bracelets, or even used scarves adds to the beauty of your room.

Use Jewelry Boxes as Decoration Pieces

Not only does a jewelry box keep your jewels safe but looks great as a decoration. You might have several jewelry boxes at home, like:

● Wooden boxes

● Wall jewelry boxes

● Musical boxes

● Jewelry armoires

Some of these could look great in your drawing room or TV lounge. Instead of jewelry, you can use it to store other items like keys and chains.

Make Magnets Out of Ornaments

Luxury ornaments have another great use, and that is in the form of magnets. Maybe you have lightweight decoration pieces or broken gemstones lying around the house. Take a few of these goods and stick them behind a magnet's surface.

It results in colorful fridge magnets that give a royal feeling to your fridge.

Use Expensive Table Runners

Expensive table runners in the house never come out of the storeroom. If you have a few luxury table runners, you can use them to decorate your rooms. Adding a classic luxury table runner to a simple wooden table is a great choice.

Once you add an expensive runner, you won’t need to put anything else on the table.

Convert Ordinary Lights into Gemstone Mini Chandeliers

You might have simple lights in your home. But you can change their appearance using various ornaments. For example, hanging pearls and diamond-shaped earrings to lights change their overall look.

The added decoration will shine throughout the room when you turn on the lights.

Use Antique Lamps

Another luxury ornament found in most homes is antique lamps. Don't keep these expensive goods locked away. You might argue that they are old-fashioned and outdated, but they will look good with a few additions.

Start by cleaning and repainting the surface of these lamps. Use the color matching your room theme. If you have some stones, brooches, or embellishments, you can glue them to the surface. It will enhance the appearance of the lamp.


It's not difficult to make your space look the best without emptying your account. An ideal solution is to use luxury ornaments. These ornaments have several uses and look great in any room.

If you have luxury ornaments, you can efficiently decorate your home. You might think of some luxury ornaments as useless, but they can make a space cozy and comfortable. Instead of throwing them away, put them to good use in your home.

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