How to choose a solar battery

April 11, 2022

Solar batteries are the heart of a photovoltaic solar installation with energy storage , since they allow consumption when there is no production, solving the problem of alternation in solar production. Simply as a small heart, allow's state a pet cat's, is insufficient to move an elephant and also an elephant's heart is too huge for a feline, all solar panels are not just as legitimate for the exact same installment. Therefore, it is necessary to know what benefits each type of battery provides to adapt it to the needs of every one.

Various sorts of batteries:
There are different kinds of batteries. Going to the basic without explaining what the internal chemical operation is, we will try to separate them into 2 large blocks according to their style:.
·Monoblock batteries: They are small and made of a solitary piece, comparable in dimension to those of autos. They have less storage capability and also last less than fixed ones, so they are advised for setups with low intake ( typically illumination, TELEVISION, computer and also fridge). Their best demand results from the truth that they are cheap, making them eye-catching in the short term.

·Fixed batteries: They are huge, they reach the knee and the biggest ones get to the waistline. They are 2V components, as well as 6 components or vessels must be signed up with to create 12V. They are capable of storing a higher amount of power as well as, above all, they last much longer, around 15-20 years, making them particularly appropriate for medium-high consumption ( lighting, TELEVISION, PC, refrigerator, mini, cleaning machine, sewer treatment plant, ...) without the possibility of extend to the long-term.

At this point we can already see just how the batteries are set apart according to consumption in little (monoblock) as well as big (fixed). If we want a battery for reduced consumption as well as with the opportunity of increasing in a couple of years, it is wise to pick a monoblock. If we desire an installation for medium-high consumption for years, our choice must be a stationary battery. Yet, what occurs if I intend to have a basically low consumption but I want the battery to last longer? In this instance, there are deep cycle monoblock batteries. These batteries have a format like the monoblock, yet they are a little bigger and also are developed for daily usage installations, given that they have greater durability, around 3-4 times more than a regular monoblock, and can rise to 6-7 years. This way, we likewise lower the need to invest every 2-3 years in batteries, as would certainly happen if we picked a typical monoblock as well as had daily usage.
Category of batteries.
Batteries can also be categorized according to the modern technology used in the manufacture of the battery. Hence, the three innovations that control the renewable energy market are:.

·Open lead-acid batteries ( monoblock or stationary ): they need annual upkeep of the electrolyte degree because of dissipation. As they have gas evaporation, they can not be set up in caravans or areas without air flow. The monoblock of this type have a reduced toughness than the rest.

· AGM batteries ( monoblock ): Manufactured with a special separator based on absorptive glass fiber (AGM, for its acronym in English). The electrolyte is presented in a regulated amount to ensure that it is taken in by the separator. They do not require upkeep of the electrolyte degree as it is retained in the absorbing fiberglass. Because of this they are sealed batteries as well as do not struggle with dissipation, being particularly shown for campers or shut locations without air flow. These batteries, which likewise utilize lead-acid as the electrolyte, have an extremely reduced interior resistance compared to open lead-acid batteries. This allows them to have greater rates of electrical present in charging and releasing, that is, they are much faster and can manage starter motors without damaging them. AGM battery additionally has a greater resistance to extreme temperature levels. Also, It last longer than open lead-acid ones.

· GEL batteries ( monoblock or fixed ): In this sort of battery, the electrolyte is consisted of in an unique silica gel in which the group of plates is placed. Consequently, they are also sealed batteries like AGM and do not call for maintenance. Rather, they suffer at extreme temperatures, with the gel volume (and internal stress) boosting with elevated temperatures. This damage causes breakdowns and also a shortened valuable life. Cold, on the other hand, raises interior resistance and also hinders the schedule of power. In other words, GEL batteriesThey are preferable for setups that focus on power availability prior to power availability.

Calculation of consumption and choice of battery
Where you find solar batteries and solar panels for sale, to know which battery to choose, we will have to Calculate electricity consumption . Depending on the total Wh/day obtained, we can choose the solar kit that most interests us. To choose the battery capacity, the following calculation can be made: Let's put a consumption of 1000Wh/day. We will have to divide it by the voltage of the battery system, say 12V. We would get 83.33Ah/day. This is the energy in Ah that we will consume throughout the day . As 50% of the battery cannot be used because it would be significantly damaged (we multiply the consumption x2). In addition, it is recommended to use the top 20%  of the battery every day and to have storage capacity in case of bad weather for 3 days (we multiply x3) , we would need a battery of 83.33 * 6 = 499.98 Ah/day at least for 3 days of autonomy. One of immediately higher capacity would be chosen.


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