How To Dress Your Patio Doors For The Summer

April 19, 2022

Summer has arrived, which means longer daylight hours. While we enjoy the weather, there are times when we require additional protection from its powerful rays. Window treatments for sliding glass doors and patio doors are critical in providing light control for these beautiful windows without impeding door operation or obstructing walkways.

There's more to selecting the ideal window covering for your patio door than simply selecting blinds or curtains that match your decor. Most people prefer vertical window blinds for greater comfort. Take some time before you start shopping to consider your needs to be confident you've made the right choice.

Why should you dress your patio doors?

Do you ever wonder why your patio or the furniture you place on it wears out so quickly? Extreme heat, rain, and snow may cause these to deteriorate sooner than you'd like. This means that you will have to spend more money on repairs or even replacements.

Summer can be oppressively hot, and it can be difficult to find an outdoor spot to cool off. Solid patio covers can provide shade during the hot summer days, allowing you to spend an afternoon outside without being directly exposed to the sun.

Tips for dressing your patio doors

Learn about the advantages of each patio door blind option and what factors to consider when choosing window coverings for your patio doors. Consider what you're attempting to accomplish: Control of light, Privacy, increase your home's aesthetic value, the ability to look around, and motorization.

Vertical Blinds

A long-standing favorite window patio door covering is versatile and simple to use. The vertical blind is a popular traditional patio door window blind option because it solves many of the problems associated with patio doors. They have a smooth neutral color palette and many colors, textures, and patterns. There is a lot of leeway in having it fully open, drawn and open, or drawn and closed. For easy upkeep, the material is wiped clean and waterproof. Color-coordinated valances and side pieces are available for outside mounting. There are child safety mechanisms available as well.


If curtains aren't a good fit for your decor, consider patio door shades. Because they increase energy efficiency, these honeycomb shades are ideal for both cold and warm climates. According to the manufacturer, honeycomb construction can help lower your energy consumption and energy bills.

French door Curtains

These French door curtains, which come in various colors, block out up to 95 percent of the sun's unwanted light while also helping to insulate your home during the colder months.

Some people believe that when it comes to patio door curtain ideas, the ability to block out all light is essential.

Sheer drapery

Nothing beats sheer drapery for a light, airy feeling on those humid, hot summer days. Sheer drapery is elegant and expensive, with a casual but refined look that is neither too dramatic nor too formal. Sheer drapery softens the glare on all types of patio doors while also adding a touch of sophistication. Unlike many other fabric drapes, sheer drapery does not feel heavy and will blend into any environment. Remember that sheer drapery will not be as versatile as some of the more light-blocking window treatments, but it will add a graceful touch of delicacy to any room.

Things to think about when selecting a window covering for your patio door Is your patio door facing the street or the property of a neighbor?

If that's the case, privacy should be a top priority! A large glass surface, such as a patio door, allows light in, but it can also allow prying eyes in! If your patio door exposes your living space, choose an opaque window covering to protect your privacy once the sun goes down.

Which way does your door open?

Your patio door will let in the most light during the day if it faces south! That's a plus in the winter because the sunlight creates a passive heating effect in the room. However, in the summer, this is less than ideal! So, what's your best bet? Curtains with thermal insulation. These curtains are carefully designed to keep 90% of the heat in your home in the winter and 90% of the heat out in the summer. Cellular shades are another good option. Because these shades are made of honeycomb-like cells that prevent heat transfer, they help to regulate the temperature of your home all year.

What percentage of light do you want to block?

If your patio door is in a bedroom or a living room that occasionally doubles as a home theatre, you'll want an opaque covering, such as blackout curtains or blinds. If you prefer to let in light while maintaining your privacy, zebra shades or sheer curtains may be the way to go.

How frequently do you open your patio door?

Do you prefer curtains or blinds? Choose a covering that will not obstruct movement if you intend to use it frequently. When hanging curtains, make sure the rod is wide enough on either side of the door for you to close the curtains fully. This will keep the pathway clear, but it will also allow more light to enter. Then, install two sets, one for each window pane. This makes it easier to come and go and gives you complete control over the lighting in your home. Consider the Discretion door with integrated aluminum mini-blinds if you're thinking about replacing or installing a patio door.

Wrapping it up

Patio covers are the first line of defense against the elements on your patio. There are numerous benefits to purchasing and installing these accessories. Weather damage to

furniture and the patio can occur if covers are not used to protect them. Window treatments like vertical window blinds are an excellent way to add light control, temperature control, and privacy to patio doors. The key is to ensure that the benefits of the window treatments are functional without interfering with the function of the doorway.

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