how to hang curtains without drilling curtains without drilling

April 29, 2022

Curtains are a vital part of any home, and how you hang them influences how your space will look. Hanging curtains, however, can be tiresome. It involves dragging a ladder, measurements, and drilling into the walls, and it gets worse if the curtain rods don't fit or become crooked.

how to hang curtains without drilling. You may have the curtains you have been searching for but do you have to drill holes on your perfect walls to hang them? This is a good question, especially when living in a rented space or don't want holes on your wall.

There are creative and clever possible solutions to how you can hang your curtains without drilling the walls and still maintain the beautiful decor of your living room space.

Hanging those curtains by avoiding drilling is a better option with the suitable material. These options are quick and easy, and if you are looking to avoid nails, screws and drills, you have come to the right place.


Maybe you lack the right tools to drill your walls, or you are avoiding the whole process. For whatever reason, you can still hang your curtains.

The perfect way to do it is by using a tension rod. Stretch it across where you need your curtains to be and attach it to the wall. It is effortless and straightforward. Just follow these few steps:

  • Take the measurements of your window using two pieces of ribbon or string. Make sure one is shorter than the other. Make sure the sizes differ by 2 inches at least.
  • At the loop located at the top of the curtain rod, tie one end of each ribbon/string. Even out the strings by tying them up at the top together.
  • Choose what side you want your curtains to start from. Take some tape, tape one of the strings on that side, and leave an inch or more hanging free.
  • To hold up the curtain rod, use a ruler and put it up against the window, making it rest on both sides of the glass with about an inch of space in-between each side of the window frame. To hold it in its place, use painter's tape.

Curtain Rod Without Drilling for Small Windows

Small windows are perfect for hanging your curtains without drilling. Just like regular windows, you will need to take the measurements of your window first. Secondly, measure how long you want your curtain rod hanging on the wall.

Now that you have the measurements, you'll need a small rod that fits your window, which you can quickly get. There are no drill curtain rods and tension rods available for small windows. Either one will work well without drilling your walls.

With tension rods, you require no tools. Just slide them onto the wall and adjust them as you see fit. Smaller windows will need an extra tension rod to hold the curtain weight. You will have to set them up closer to each other.

Heavy Duty Tension Rods

Heavy-duty tension rods are the best for hanging your curtains, and they leave your walls as good as new with no marks or holes. These rods can even hold up the weight of patio umbrellas. They also come with hooks, and you will need no tools or effort.

Use two heavy-duty tension rods and two hooks, and they will hold up any weight of curtains you choose. Another thing to remember is that the rods should be hanging straight and not bent. When they are at an angle, they could damage your ceiling or the walls.


Velcro tab top Outdoor curtains are a big trend, and the option of hanging them without drilling is an idea we all can embrace. Again, all you need are tension curtain rods. You will need these few things before you begin:

  • Tension curtain rods that fit the size of your window
  • Velcro tab top curtains

Once you have those two items, follow these few steps to set up your curtains:

Attach them to the tension curtain rods with hooks to hold up the curtains. The hooks help to attach the curtains directly to the tension curtain rods.

After attaching the curtains, you will need to thread them onto each hook on the opposite side of the hooks. Now, your curtains are set.


Command hooks make it more possible to hand your curtains without drilling. Command hooks can be hung anywhere you need to hang an item in the bathroom, on the doors, or on walls.

These hooks are made from plastic and feel like fabric. They stick on the wall leaving no residue. Command hooks can be easily removed from where they were attached and reused. They are perfect when moving from one home to another.

DIY Magnetic Curtain

You can make your magnetic curtains from the comfort of your home without worrying about denting your walls. Follow these few steps and make some for yourself:

  • Take two curtain fabrics that are slightly more extensive (and longer if necessary) than your windows.
  • Purchase powerful magnets to hold up the amount of weight. Also, consider how much space you want the curtains to cover so that you can get enough magnets.
  • Depending on how you want the curtains hanging, stick the magnets on the fabric.
  • Now, put the curtain over your window. You can fold it behind the glass or leave a gap between the curtain and the window.

When you need the curtains closed at night, tap onto the magnet bringing them together to close. You can also keep them shut during daylight by using a magnetic strap.


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