How To Place A Floor Lamp In Living Living room?

April 11, 2022

Placing a floor lamp is as important as buying the right one, even if you have a really good quality floor lamp, if you can’t place it right, the lamp will lose its charm more often than not. Placing plays a huge role when it comes to floor lamps.

However, in some cases, people aren’t creative enough when it comes to placing a floor lamp, which makes the floor lamp look bleak sometimes.

Hence, we came up with this article in order to give you ideas about placing a floor lamp.

Floor Lap Placement Ideas in a Living Room

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Next To A Desk

If you got a desk in your living room that you work or read at, it’s essential that you’re getting enough lighting for your reading or working. You can place your floor lamp right next to the desk in order to achieve that desired level of lighting. If the lamp comes with an adjustable head, you can set the light right where you need it.

Behind The Couch

A common choice for floor lamp placement behind the couch. If your living room is quite big and the couch is in the middle of your living room, placing a floor lamp right behind the couch would produce awesome depth. In addition to this, you would have a perfect reading light right over your shoulder. You would need to set up a floor outlet to make this happen though.

Behind Or Beside Your TV

Placing your floor lamp behind or beside your TV might not be such a popular choice, however, there are facts to support these choices. Having a floor lamp behind or beside your TV would reduce glare and eye strain. Besides, you would get a good contrast while you stream your favorite content.

You can check out more stuff about floor lamps on lumen authority.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I Have Two Floor Lamps In My Living Room?

If you intend to balance your living room, a single floor lamp would be more than fine for you. However, if you want to highlight a particular area of the living room such as a window or a mantle, having a pair of floor lamps would do that perfectly. The pair can guide the eye to that particular area.

Can I Place My Floor Lamp Behind A Couch?

The floor lamp would look perfect behind any of the sectional couches as the floor lamps tend to be versatile, and portable, and setting them up is a piece of cake. Some of the floor lamps are manufactured with movable components so you can move them easily to your desired area.

What Is The Best Place For A Floor Lamp?

As the floor lamps produce ambient light, the ideal place for a floor lamp would be a corner or the edge of the living room. Placing a floor lamp on either of these 2 places would make sure that the light produced is well spread throughout the living room.


This article should help you in placing your floor lamp in an elegant and effective manner. You need to understand the importance of placing the floor lamp as the placing enhances the elegance of the lamp.

Sometimes people aren’t creative enough to think of placing the floor lamp effectively while in some cases people end up neglecting the placing part and as a result, the lamp is placed anywhere in the living room.


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