How To Prepare for your Cruise Trip

April 26, 2022

Going on a cruise is one of the most fun travel experiences you’ll ever have. A cruise is defined as a voyage where you travel on a ship and visit many places. When you’re going on a cruise, you’ll go on a memorable gastronomic trip that might take you beyond your comfort zone. Still, it’ll be worth it because of the beautiful experiences and memories you’ll make. You can travel on a short-term cruise or even go on a longer one.

Going on a cruise trip has several benefits. The main advantage of going on a cruise trip is the great value of traveling to multiple locations from a mobile floating accommodation. Another is that onboard, you’ll have plenty of things to do because cruise liners house several amenities. These amenities may include libraries, theaters, workspaces, cafes and restaurants. Cruise trips, moreover, are also family-friendly and easy to plan.

Here is a guide on how you can prepare for your first cruise trip!

Choosing your Cruise

The first step is choosing your cruise. There are many considerations you’d like to make in this decision. These are your budget, destinations, cruise length, ship size, and amenities.

How much is a cruise depends on your current budget - and its offerings. There are plenty of options for people who want to go on shorter and, therefore, more affordable cruises and those who want to spend most of their year and lifestyle on travel.

The destination and its departure ports can factor in when choosing a cruise, and you should go for a cruise that will take you to your preferred destination. Figure out what departure ports are available for the destination you chose.

In case you are a lover of luxury and stunning sceneries, then consider Croatia, a country with a rich history and culture.  From the capital city of Zagreb to the coastal town of Dubrovnik, there is much to explore in this beautiful country. One of the best ways to see Croatia is by taking a cruise. Cruises typically include stops at some of Croatia's most popular tourist destinations, as well as opportunities for passengers to enjoy onboard activities and entertainment. Luxury cruises in Croatia offer travelers the chance to see the country in style, while also enjoying all the amenities and services of a luxury liner. So, if you're looking for a relaxing vacation or an exciting adventure, Croatia with its cruises has something for everyone.

Choosing your Stateroom

After choosing your cruise, you will have to make your next big decision. This is to decide what stateroom you’ll be lounging in. You’ll be spending most of your downtime on your cruise on your stateroom, so consider this.

If you want to view the ocean, you can get a stateroom with an Oceanview. If you prefer more silence and privacy, you can opt for an Interior type stateroom, a mini-suite or a suite.

After you’ve chosen your stateroom, you can book your flights (if you don’t live near the port) and prepare what you’ll bring for what will be the best travel experience of your life.


What to Bring

When packing for a cruise, note down activities and dress code for cruises. Gala nights and cocktail evenings may require you to bring dressier clothing pieces. Some clothing may be prohibited on parts of the ship.

Do check the prohibited items list of your cruise; these may include alcohol, curling irons and candles. Another packing tip is also to keep in mind your travel itinerary, as it may be hot or cold in your desired destination or if you’ll be hiking or not.

Here’s a list of mandatory things to bring on a cruise trip:

  • Swimsuit
  • Jacket for the colder parts of your travel itinerary
  • Stocks of your medication if you have any existing conditions
  • Sneakers if you will be working out a lot for your downtime on the cruise ship
  • Sandals if you’ll hike to your destination
  • Shawl/sarong if you will enter sacred and religious sites
  • Toiletries
  • Loungewear for the time you’ll spend indoors on your cruise
  • Towel
  • Indoor slippers for lounging
  • Your phone
  • Laptop if you’ll be going on a more extended cruise
  • Camera of your choice (can be a smartphone camera)
  • Chargers
  • Power banks

Make your Reservations

Now that you’ve packed and prepared for your cruise trip, now is the fun part. You can now make reservations for your shore excursions or opt to make bookings to enjoy and experience your cruise’s onboard amenities. Think spas, bars and restaurants. Have your hair trimmed, go to a yoga class, the list goes on!

Overall, a cruise ship trip is a valuable experience that, in the end, can make you much happier than material things. It provides opportunities to travel worldwide with mobile accommodation, connect with other like-minded people and explore plenty of new destinations at once. Happy traveling!



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