How to Start a Supper Club of Your Own

April 26, 2022



If you've been thinking about creating your supper club but aren't sure where to begin, this post will walk you through the process and help you get started.

Over the years, I've attended several supper clubs. They've all been different in style, but they've all been a lot of fun. Starting your supper club is simple, and the return on investment will far exceed your expectations.

There are two types of supper clubs: one is a professionally organized restaurant concept held in the host's home, and the other is a non-professional get-together of friends who want to share a meal, drink wonderful wine, and expand their social circle. The focus of this article is on the second type. This isn't the place to launch a commercial venture if you're a professional. However, you've come to the correct place if you're searching for a fun way to get your pals together for supper.

What is the definition of a Supper Club?

Let's begin with the fundamentals. What exactly is a dinner club?

A Supper Club is simply a pleasant gathering of friends around the table to share a passion for cooking, enjoying a beautiful meal, and having good discussions for our casual, at-home purposes. The club's form – who cooks, how frequently you meet, and what the rules are – is entirely up to you.

Although we won't go over how to start a professional or paid supper club, a Supper Club is a popup or informal underground restaurant where diners pay for a seat at the table. In contrast, a professional chef or aspiring chef prepares a delicious meal for them in some parts of the world (for example, London). Supper Clubs can also be groups of friends who eat at different restaurants throughout town.

The type of dinner experience in Dubai we'll be talking about in this piece is an informal gathering of friends that isn't paid or organized.

In four simple steps, you can start your supper club.

Step 1: Establish Your Objective

I've launched three supper clubs of my own, each with its personality. What you want the club to be and what you hope to receive out of it are the things that will set it apart, and this must be decided upfront.

Here are some questions to consider to define your objective better:

-What is the goal of your organization? Is it to make new friends, strengthen existing friendships, or have a place to prepare meals to share with others?

-Who will be in charge of the kitchen? Will all members be able to see it?

-Will the hosting responsibilities be rotated, or will you or another member always be in charge?

-Would you want a big or small club?

-Would you prefer a cocktail party or a formal dinner?

-Do you want only the most innovative and experienced chefs in the club?

-Will the time be changeable or set in stone?

Step 2: is to create a plan. Define your idea.

While the basic premise remains the same - a group of people getting together to cook and eat – you will need to determine the specifics of the supper club concept you want.

The Concept of Food

Because most supper clubs focus on food, it's good to start there. We've successfully formed supper clubs with a variety of gastronomic perspectives:

-Each gathering is centered on a particular type of ethnic cuisine. Everyone brings a dish from this cuisine.

-Each meeting is hosted by one of the group's members. That member prepares and serves the entire meal.

-Before each meeting, the meal's ingredients are determined, and the group members take turns preparing. One of my favorite ideas was to pick four random ingredients and have each group member make a main dish with them. Of course, this is only effective in a small group.

Do you need some menu suggestions? Check out these Appetizers for a Cocktail Party. Calculate how many appetizers you'll need per participant.


The Concept of Hosting

After that, you must pick how your club will be hosted. If your group is huge, you'll need to choose a location to accommodate everyone. If your supper club is having a seated dinner, the host must have enough seats and plates for everyone.

-The simplest format entails rotating hosts. Each visitor will be assigned to a rotation and host the meal and serve the cuisine when it is their turn.

-Another option is for the host to plan the menu and assign portions of the dinner to the other guests to bring (someone brings the wine, someone brings the salad, and so forth).

-Alternatively, you might have the same person (usually yourself) host your club every time, or you could choose a neutral site, such as a condo party room, where there is no established host.

The Layout

The next concept to tackle is the supper club's format. Will your dinners are formal, elegant affairs or informal potluck gatherings?

There will be no surprises or conflicts if you can tell your guests what to expect when they are invited to join the club.

The 3 steps: is to invite the members.

You'll need to choose the people you'll send an invitation to once you've decided on a goal and an idea. First, you'll want to send out an initial invitation that explains the Supper Club's purpose and operation.

You don't have to establish the rules just yet; just give them enough information to make an educated decision. Guests, for example, will need to know what is expected of them - will they be hosting and cooking? How often do you do it? When and where will the meetings be held? Is there going to be a dress code?

Be prepared for some skepticism from your guests at first. You may have to persuade a few of your visitors to join you. The top reasons people are apprehensive about joining a supper club are listed below.

You can then send out the information of your first meeting when your original invitation to join the group has been approved. You set the rules because you're the one in charge.

Step 4 Establishing the Rules

You'll now establish the rules for your supper club using the information you've already gathered. It can be as loose or as formal as you desire. Here are some guidelines to consider:

-How many people will be attending?

-When and where are you going to meet?

-Will there be a permanent host, or will there be rotating hosts?

-Will this be a formal dinner or a casual get-together?

-Who will choose, prepare, and serve the food?

-Who will choose the wine or other beverages and bring them?

-Is there going to be a theme?

-Are there any other intriguing twists in store? (For more information, check below)

-How often do you plan to meet?

-What happens if a member of the group decides to leave?

-Are members allowed to bring guests?

-Will you stick to dietary restrictions or look for those who don't have any?


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