Ideas To Style Your Bedside Table

April 8, 2022

A bedroom is an important place as it is the go-to space to get much-needed relaxation. When you get complete comfort, you wake up ready to take up the next day's challenges. With a bedroom having so much importance, it is only natural that you spend enough time on the interiors. When it comes to interiors, the furniture you choose plays an essential role in providing you with comfort. While everyone knows that the bed is critical for a good sleep, the small pieces of furniture like the side tables enhance the comfort and give a luxurious feel to the room. There are various popular websites where you can make a quick purchase; here’s how to style them to get a great-looking bedroom.

Bedside Tables need not be Twins

Bedside tables are those that are placed on each side of the bed. One of the crucial things to note when styling the bedside table is that they do not need to be mirror images. Most people think that the bedside tables should be like twins (mirror images), but the design experts say they are more like sisters who can be styled differently. But ensure that they are connected but need not look the same.

Choose Varying Heights

When it comes to choosing a bedside table online, the thumb rule is to buy something that matches the height of the bed. However, there are no such restrictions when it comes to styling them. In fact, design experts suggest embracing items of varying heights. Choose objects that are of different heights to create a dynamic dimension instead of using items of the same height, which gives a flat look.

To give your room a high impact and add a little bit of drama, choose tall designs and use small accents to give your room a sense of calm and balance. Bear in mind that the last thing you see at night is the bedside table, and placing objects of different sizes and shapes helps to have a peaceful sleep environment.

Here are some styling ideas of objects of varying shapes and sizes. Tall table lamps or vases, photo frames, or candles of medium size for low profile decorative trays and bowls.


One of the recent trends in bedrooms that has made a comeback of sorts is to have lights on the table. While a study lamp makes sense if it is on the study table, not many prefer to have it on the side table. Many lovely lights can be used which give you light that is not harsh and disturbs your sleep, with the appearance of moonlight or chandelier light. Choose among them to get a trendy look. But when choosing lamps, make sure there is enough space on the table to keep other important things like a water jug, clock or phone. Decide on the best lamp position where you can place smaller things around it.

Consider Adding Texture

Adding texture into the bedside table styling makes for an instantly captivating look. But to get that, consider the table's material and the bedroom furniture online that you purchase, as you need to call on the texture to choose based on that. For instance, if you have shining veneer tables, table lamps and ceramic vases should be considered. If the table has visible grains, then metal pieces complement well. A mix of varying textures has a great visual impact and can be used to style the side tables.


To highlight the bedside table design, it is important to contrast and complement. Irrespective of the colour of your bedside table, contrast it with contrasting tones to add layers to the display. It also helps to avoid having a heavy block hue. Contrast light hues with dark and vice-versa to create effective highlights. You can also give a similar effect by placing the bedlinens of matching colours to increase the impact.

Make it Personal

Bedside tables are practical and functional pieces of furniture where you place your personal belongings. So choose a bedside table with a drawer as it gives space to store your personal items. While choosing personal things to add, there is no need to give up on style. You can choose to add table clocks, trays for valets and other precious things, etc. While choosing designs, ensure that they serve the dual purpose of being functional and complementing the interior. You can also keep picture frames or artwork that gives a personal touch to the side tables. You can also add your favourite flowers or candles to make the style yours.

So the above are some of the ideas for styling your bedside tables. One of the keys to it is that less is more. At the same time, there are many accessories that you can choose to style, refrain from over-styling. Do not overload but instead opt for fewer pieces that are attractive than having a load of ordinary-looking objects. Remember, you are styling the tables and not trying to hide the surface.

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