Love the Farm Life? Here’s How to Buy a Farm in Australia

April 20, 2022



Some first-timers may be completely bewildered when it comes to learning how to buy a farm. Understandably so! It’s a completely different way of life. Over the years, more and more young Australians have taken to living in the regions, as well as expats who have moved over there to live on a farm, raise animals and enjoy their own herb garden.

Purchasing a farm on the spur of the moment is always a bad choice because you risk making the same mistakes that most first-time buyers do. There are a few key pointers that can help you make the best decision possible. Here's a guide to buying farmland in Australia to help you get started.

Picking the right land

Of course, you have to start by picking an area in Australia you want to live in. First, find your favourite city—somewhere you’ll want to be close to. Maybe you want to buy a home in Sydney but own a farm you can drive to on weekends. Or perhaps you want to rent a home in Adelaide, South Australia, but live mostly on farmland.

Either way, a qualified agent can make the process of finding the proper land for your new farm much easier. The first step is to choose an agent that specializes in rural properties and can answer basic inquiries about farmland and its requirements. If an agent specializes in residential homes, they may not be as knowledgeable about rural properties to help you.

Checking planning limits and the legal duties that come with it is another key issue to consider when choosing land. Chemical use, fire preparation, control of harmful pests and weeds, and other responsibilities are among them. The local authority should be able to tell you if the zoning of the requested site is appropriate for its planned purpose. The majority of farmers chose general agriculture, rural smallholdings, and organic farming.

Building the farmhouse

First, decide what the house will be used for; some farmers will build a home or barn to support their farm, while others would build a house to sell or rent for personal use. This distinction is important when considering whether or not your construction will be approved.

In this instance, the typical legal procedures for building a dwelling will not apply. Building a home on farmland necessitates special considerations. It's critical to ensure that your construction won't necessitate a zoning change. Zoning laws govern what activities are permitted on a plot of farmland. These laws aren't rectified, despite the fact that they are a legal concern. The zoning of each piece of land can be changed, but only through legal means.

Because farmland is often farther from city and rural water supplies, you'll need to decide whether a well is necessary or if another solution is more suited to your zoning.

Australian regulations and grants

Small farmers in Australia have access to a number of rules and grants, according to the Queensland government, which is one of the eight Australian states. So if you’re wanting to find a home in Brisbane or some rural land nearby, you’ll want to check out the local government sites.

Local governments, philanthropic funding organisations, and government agencies can provide you with this information. Farmers are advised to respect zoning restrictions at these places of access.

The Australian government allocated $136 million to the Smart Farms program during the Landcare campaign. Farmers from all around the world were able to upgrade and develop their practices by using new tools and technology thanks to these grants. The numerous awards aided in improving soil, water, and vegetation integrity protection, production, and resilience.

Getting a hobby farm

Hobby farms are those that are less than 50 acres in size. Because these farms are not for profit, they operate in a different way. Normally, you'd have to manage your land on a regular basis or hire someone to do it while you're abroad. When you don't live on the farm full-time, it's referred to as a hobby farm.

So this works especially well for those who can’t commit to a farm full-time. If you want to get a home in Melbourne and have a farm for time off, this is your best bet.



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