Most Basic Types of Rental Equipment You Need For Spring Cleanup

April 20, 2022

Spring is finally here. Aren’t you glad it's getting warmer by the day?

As you get ready to bask in the warmth of the coming months, it’s time for some serious spring clean-up to get rid of all the dirt and debris that the winter has left behind.

To make the cleaning quick, safe and easy, renting equipment for the numerous cleaning tasks is vital.

While you can buy equipment for your spring cleaning project, renting is much more cost-effective. You get to use top-quality equipment at a fraction of the purchasing cost. And the best part? You don't have to worry about storage or maintenance of the equipment. You just wait until the next spring to rent again.

Below are several types of rental equipment you will need to get your home, yard, and lawn ready for those warmer months.

Rental Equipment For Spring Yard Cleanup

No one wants to be kept outside all day for days just trying to get the yard looking inviting for the spring season. Yet, you can get things done quickly and efficiently by renting out this landscape cleaning equipment to help your garden, sweep, smoothen, dig, fill, level, cut, and move things around and out of your yard in record time.

Mini Skid Steer

Mini skid steers are some of the most multifunctional yard cleanup equipment. They can be used for hauling, digging, loading, etc. For your spring cleaning project, you could rent a skid steer for those bigger tasks like helping move logs, cut-down trees and brush, dig holes, carry debris, and complete a host of other landscaping projects you were not able to before or during winter.

And because of its compact size, the mini skid steer can boldly go through narrow spaces that other machines can’t, which is why mini skid steer rental should be top of your list. With the right attachment, a skid steer may be all you need for your landscaping cleanup.

Backhoe Loaders

Similar to the mini skid steer, a backhoe loader is multifunctional and can handle several spring cleaning tasks. A backhoe loader is a three in one equipment, hence the versatility. It comprises a tractor, loader and the backhoe. The loader is attached to the front, while the backhoe is attached to the back. The latter consists of three segments, i.e., a boom, stick, and bucket.

You can rent a backhoe loader for various tasks in your yard like cleaning out soil, moving cut-down trees and logs, digging and filling, drilling holes to put up fence signs and planting trees, repairing sewer lines, grading and slope-cutting. You only need to ask your rental company for the right attachment.

Brush Chippers

If you have trees on and around your property, this is the time to cut off overgrown branches, tree limbs, and other debris using a brush chopper.

A brush chipper, also known as a woodchipper or tree chipper, is an ideal tool because it cuts, chips, and shreds trees and other woody materials into tiny chips of about an inch or two long. These woodchips can then be used as mulch.

Brush chippers come in different capacities, and there are even smaller ones that you can carry by hand. These small ones are ideal for simple brush cleaning, while the big models are ideal for bigger brush cleaning and overgrowth.

When choosing a brush chipper for your spring yard cleaning tasks, it's important that you check the horsepower, feeder chute size and the orientation of the blades. If unsure, you can consult the rental company. Pretty sure they would be glad to help.

Landscape Rakes

After winter, it’s normal to see your yard covered in debris, leaves and other unwanted materials. To speed up the cleaning of all these, a landscape rake is the best equipment in place of a hand rake. Just be sure to consider the size of your yard when renting a landscape rake.

Pressure Washers

You can use a pressure washer to clean off the dirt and mildew that built-up during winter on the driveway, pavements, decks, patios, porch and just about everywhere else outside.

Rental Equipment For Cleaning Inside The Home

The first thing equipment you want to rent is a steam cleaner (if you already don’t own one) to make your home smell fresh again. A steam cleaner is helpful in getting rid of odour, allergens, moulds, mildew, bacteria and viruses on wooden floors, windows, bathroom tiles, countertops and upholstery. You can also use it to clean grout and deep clean your carpet.

You will also need a heavy-duty wet and dry vacuum cleaner to clean off every nook and cranny of your home, from the pesky spider webs and lint to every other imaginable winter debris and dirt.

Another tool that you may need to rent is a ladder. Surprising right? But yes, most people don’t own a ladder. Yet you need one to clean off the ceiling fan and other areas that you couldn’t otherwise reach.

A few other pieces of equipment you can rent to make your home look brand new and smell fresh are a gutter cleaner and fabric and furniture cleaner.

Spring cleaning can be super easy and quick with the right equipment!


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