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April 28, 2022


When you're looking to make your next big financial move, we know how important it is to set up the right kind of financing. That's why we're here to help people like you get the cash they need, fast. So whether you're looking to expand your real estate portfolio or just want some virginia money loans we're here for you!


Residential and Commercial Financing

A residential and commercial financing is a type of loan that has a fixed interest rate and repayment period, which is usually 15 or 30 years. It's called a "residential" loan because the property you are buying is where you live. And it's called a "commercial" loan because it is not government-backed like an FHA or VA loan. You should consult with your attorney, accountant and financial advisor before making any decision regarding your real estate financing needs.

  • No monthly payments on principal (just interest) for three years
  • No prepayment penalty (so you can pay off early without penalty)
  • Lower down payment requirements than other types of loans (as low as 3% down)
  • Allows buyers to purchase more homes with less money up front (because there are no prepayment penalties)
  • Interest rates are typically lower than those for other types of loans

Construction Loans

Construction loans are short-term loans that are disbursed and paid as construction progresses. They have variable interest rates, and some lenders allow you to pay during the construction period so you can avoid paying a large amount of interest after the loan has become permanent.

Typically, lenders will only provide a maximum of 90 percent loan to value for the project, so you must put up at least 10 percent in cash or collateral. Lenders want assurance that their investment is safe and that there is enough equity in the project to protect them from losses.

Construction loans usually have higher interest rates than conventional mortgages, so shop around for lenders who offer good deals and favorable terms.


Home Improvement Loans

A home improvement loan is a form of financing that you can use to pay for renovations, repairs or remodeling done on your house or apartment. These types of loans often have similar interest rates and terms as personal loans, with some lenders offering more favorable rates than others.

A benefit of using these types of loans instead of other forms of financing (like credit cards) is that they're typically less expensive overall because they come with fixed interest rates and repayment periods ranging from one to three years, depending on how much money you borrow.


Personal Lines of Credit/Credit Cards

Personal lines of credit and credit cards provide flexibility to fund small or large purchases with cash. It can be used for new or unplanned expenses, such as appliances or car repairs. You can also use your line of credit to pay school tuition, medical bills and travel costs.

The interest rate is usually a variable rate based on the Prime Rate so it's likely higher than what you would get from the other options listed here. But if you have been careful about paying off your balance each month, then the interest won't matter.


Mortgage Loans

Fixed-rate mortgages are available in terms of 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. The longer a fixed-rate mortgage is set for, the lower the rate of interest will be; however, the payment amount will not change over the life of the loan.

Adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs): They begin with a low initial rate for a set period at time that adjusts after that initial period. The most common ARM is the 5/1 hybrid ARM which has a fixed low rate for five years and then adjusts once per year on an annual basis thereafter.

FHA loans: This are insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), which means they allow lower credit scores and down payments than conventional loans. There are two types of FHA loans available: adjustable and fixed-rate. The FHA also offers home improvement loans in conjunction with mortgage products such as its 203k loan, which can be used to buy and repair up to four units of property including single family homes and condominiums.


Virginia Money Loans

There are many different types of loans offered by Bridge Well Capital; each is designed with a specific purpose. The type of loan you choose should be based on your specific financial needs. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Payday loans are short-term loans that are intended to bridge the gap between paychecks. They typically range from about $50-$1,000 and must be paid back in 30 days or less. Before opting for payday loans, consider alternatives like credit cards or borrowing money from loved ones.
  • Car title loans are secured by using your vehicle as collateral and can range from $100-$10,000. These types of loans are typically due in one lump sum within 30 days but can be extended if needed.
  • Personal loans have a fixed interest rate and monthly payments that help you manage your debt more easily than other types of credit products that might have variable rates. They can range from $1,000 to $50,000 depending on your income level and ability to repay the debt over time (typically 3-5 years).


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