The Beauty of Intelligent Interior Design: How to Do More, With Less

April 13, 2022

Taking the time to design a space with function in mind is the first step to creating a form that looks beautiful and is also budget-friendly. Use the guide below to help you get the aesthetic you want, even if you have limited resources.

Assess What You Have

It can be helpful, before making a list of things you want to buy for your project, to first of all take a look around your home, including what’s in storage, for items that could be effectively upcycled, moved to another location, or put to a different use to good effect.

For example, perhaps you have a mirror in the bathroom you’d like to swap out; before giving the old one away, try it out in other spaces in your home - you could consider repainting or embellishing the frame to give it a whole new look. Or perhaps a large bowl that’s been lingering at the back of the kitchen cupboard for years would look great as a decorative piece on the hall table?

Make your budget go as far as possible by thinking about the items you already have in your home before hitting the shops so that you can free up money to spend on other parts of the project.

Incorporate Storage Into the Design

When creating your space, choose furniture with maximum storage potential. This serves a number of purposes: you can save on the amount of furniture you need to buy, gain vital extra space that’ll prevent clutter build-up, plus promote a sleek, minimalist style.

For example, choose chairs that feature storage in the seats, enclosed TV cabinets with drawers, and shelving units that reach to the ceiling rather than are smaller in height. Get creative with storage ideas to enhance the elegance of a room whilst keeping functionality in mind: install shelves that run the perimeter of a room, or hang a fabric shoe rack on the back of a door to keep things neat and tidy without needing to splurge on an expensive unit.

Prioritize Comfort

If you’re on a budget, then, as well as selecting multi-functioning items for your space, also pick furniture and items that add comfort, texture, and warmth for maximum aesthetic effect on a budget. Load sofas with deep-fill pillows in colors that make for a vibrant, bold contrast to the rest of the shades used in the room or that pick out the color of a feature wall, for example. Add throws in a range of fabrics and patterns for an easy and stylish layered-up look.

In the bedroom, choose curtains in luxurious, jewel-like colors, such as emerald green, ruby red, or sapphire blue, and make your bed a cozy nest piled with cushions and comfortable sheets. For the bed itself, investing in a high-quality mattress is vital: the right mattress can improve your sleep as well as provide you with relief from any aches and pains you may be experiencing from. Have a look at this useful source for information on some of the best mattress options on the market right now. A mattress that’s perfect for your needs is one of the most important furniture decisions you'll make.

If your bedroom has hardwood or laminate flooring, choose a deep-pile rug to add extra warmth and enhance the feeling of the space as being a peaceful sanctuary separate from the rest of the house.

Design Your Lighting

If you’re on a budget, carefully planning your lighting is a cost-effective way to add ambiance and atmosphere to a space. Before you make a purchase, it’s a good idea to draw a floor plan of the relevant rooms, thinking about how the spaces will be used and, therefore, what the specific lighting needs are for each area - keep functionality in mind as much as aesthetic value.

Once you’ve identified where functional lighting needs to be located, think about where you want to add ambient or accent lighting: this could be in the form of pendant lights, up lights, table lights, LED track lighting, standing lamps, or decorative wall lighting. Make the most of interesting spaces by adding string lights or fairy lights in a glass vase for extra interest.

Add Accessories

A few well-chosen accessories can add instant style to a space: make the most of your budget by buying just a small number of items, or even a single piece per room, that will act as a focal point and bring all the other design elements together.

You could choose a stand-out piece of art, for example, a collection of interesting plants in vivid, contrasting pots, or add texture to walls with fabric hangings or interesting lighting.

Form and Functionality

The key to intelligent interior design is to carefully plan each space, paying equal attention to form and functionality: the rooms you create should work for you and fit around your unique lifestyle while also offering comfort and adding aesthetic value.

While planning, bearing these things in mind will help you make cost-effective choices that will serve the space in the best possible way.


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