These Superior ideas for an outdoor baby shower party

April 20, 2022


Mother-to-be, want to make some spectacular memories during your pregnancy? Maybe now is the time to have an outdoor baby shower party! This party enables family and close friends to come together to celebrate the upcoming baby. Guests will also bring gifts for this party, and everyone will enjoy food and chat together. This can be considered a traditional way to celebrate. The weather is also perfect for outdoor parties of all kinds, and having sunshine and a breeze are just the components of a perfect outdoor party. Having a baby shower party outdoors would be your best bet. It's the perfect way to gather a group of people and maintain social distance. A baby shower is also a great way to spend time with loved ones before the big day! We've put together some very practical tips for this party that will make it memorable.

What time to hold a shower party

The shower party is usually held 4-6 weeks before the baby is born. Afterward, create a list of needed gifts to send to the guests so they know what they need to purchase. It's best to invite guests a week in advance so they can have plenty of time to prepare the gifts. Check the weather on the day of the party, you don't want a sudden rainstorm to ruin the cozy party.

Preparation ideas

Outdoor Lounge Space: Pregnant women are very easily fatigued and can have a hard time with pressure on their pubic bone in the later stages of pregnancy. This makes it difficult for the mother-to-be to stand outdoors for long periods, which will require a space for her to relax. For this kind of outdoor party, a pop up canopy will be a good choice. It's both shade and waterproof, giving a perfect space to relax and guests can sit and chat inside. Pop up canopy with sides provides greater privacy and shade from the sun, and food can be placed inside to avoid bugs.

If you're starting to prepare for a baby shower, Quictent will be happy to help you create an outdoor lounge space.

Decoration: Since this is a baby party, you can choose a more warm color scheme, yellow, light pink, or light blue. The easiest way to decorate is to add balloons and ribbons, these props are inexpensive and never exceed your budget. If the party will continue into the night, then string lights are the best way to add ambiance. Likewise, flowers will add a lot of glitz and glamour to the party. Don't want to spend a lot of money on flowers? It does not matter, a bouquet can also make a very good picture.

Food: You can choose from a buffet or have your guests bring a different dish that everyone can contribute. As for dessert, I would recommend cupcakes or doughnuts more than a whole big cake. This way there is no waste and no risk of the cake melting in the sun. You can ask the bakery for more lovely decorations.

Interesting activities

The baby shower can be playful and fun, or relaxed and elegant. It depends on what party style mom wants. Here are some activities that can be prepared at a shower party.

Diaper Race: Guests are invited to take part in this game. Have a baby-sized doll and enough diapers ready to see who can successfully change diapers the fastest. Of course, you can also increase the difficulty by blindfolding everyone. It will be a very entertaining contest, and the winner's prize can be determined by the parents-to-be.

Photobooth: This will be an opportunity to leave precious moments. You can set the photo booth in the canopy tent, which is more convenient for decoration. Put props in the box that can be used. For example, interesting glasses, hats or signs, holding up a bottle or pacifier will make a very funny photo. The photos taken on this day a few years later will be able to recall the memories of everyone.

Guestbook: You can also place a guestbook where guests can write messages to the parents-to-be and the baby. This has an important memorial meaning and when the baby grows up he or she can read these messages from years ago.

A baby shower party is full of goodness and blessings and surrounded by people who love you at the party. All you need to do is relax and then enjoy the day with lots of love, gifts, and good wishes.

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