Top 7 In-Demand Certifications In The Construction Industry

April 25, 2022

The construction industry is an eminent contributor to Canada's GDP and provides good job opportunities in various areas. But even though it's an in-demand sector, you need the right skills to set yourself apart from the competition.

Building and construction is an industry that demands precision, flexibility, and a very high level of skill. It is a field where you can make a successful career for yourself if you have talent, experience, and the correct set of skills.

But with so many options on the table, it's difficult to know where to get started—especially if you're already active in the construction industry and looking to expand your skill set. Keep reading to find out the top in-demand certifications in Canada's construction industry.

Prestigious construction courses in Canada

Many construction professionals are looking to improve their careers by gaining certifications that can help boost their value as workers. If you are hoping to get ahead in this industry, here are some of the topmost in-demand certifications in the Canadian construction industry.

LEED Green Associate Certification

This is one of the best building certifications that you can have in this industry.

● The certification ensures that you know about green building design, operation, and maintenance.

● Having this certification will also give you an opportunity to work as an energy consultant.

● Although you need to pass an exam to get this certification, there is no requirement for any prior experience.

● This certification is particularly important if you are working on LEED-certified projects or are involved in LEED-related work.

● Moreover, as green buildings become more popular, employers increasingly prefer candidates with LEED Green Associate Certification even if they aren't working on LEED-certified projects.

Building Inspector Certification

● As a building inspector, you need to inspect new buildings and make sure that they meet the building codes set by state and local governments. If a building doesn't meet all the requirements, it cannot be permitted to be occupied by people.

● No one wants to occupy or work in a building that is not safe for them or their clients. Therefore, a building inspector plays an essential role in ensuring that buildings are made as per the set standards. This is where the importance of garnering Building Inspector Certification comes into play.

● Hence, the building inspector certification can help you get a job as an inspector or a supervisor.

Project Management Certificate

If you are looking to move into a management position in the construction industry, the Project Management Certificate is a must-have.

● It is a globally recognized professional designation that demonstrates expertise and proficiency in project management principles.

● The certification demonstrates your cost estimation and budgeting skills, resource allocation, project planning, scheduling, risk analysis, and quality control.

● This certification also highlights your ability to analyze risks and develop strategies for handling them, which are critical skills for anyone looking to take on leadership roles in their company.

● Moreover, it makes you more valuable to potential employers, who will want someone who can identify risks and work with their team to mitigate them. It is a requirement for most positions that involve project management tasks.


● To become eligible for the course, you’ll require a secondary degree with a minimum of five years of project management experience (7,500 hours in leading role + 35 hours of project management education). Or

● A four-year degree plus a minimum of three years of project management experience (4,500 in leading role + 35 hours of project management education.)

Supervisor Training Program

● This certification demonstrates that you have got the skills to manage others, which is one of the most sought-after skills in the construction industry. You'll learn about your rights, role, and responsibilities as a supervisor and how to manage safety hazards on your worksite.

● This program will train you how to handle emergencies and maintain a safe work environment for everyone on your team.

● Many employers are constantly looking for workers they can promote into a supervisory role. Thus, having this certification under your belt will set you apart from other candidates and help you move up more quickly than your peers.

Accident & Incident Investigation

Even if you're not interested in working in a supervisor role, many employers still want their senior workers to be able to investigate accidents or incidents on site.

● With this certification, you'll be able to provide insight into why an accident occurred and how it could be avoided in the future—a skill set that's highly valued by employers and can open up doors for advancement within your company.

● This course will help you learn how to investigate accidents or incidents on your worksite while providing a framework for understanding their causes and preventing them from happening in the future.

Legal Issues in Construction

● This course covers everything from contracts and insurance policies to labour law compliance and workplace safety regulations—the legal issues that can affect your job as a contractor or supervisor.

● It is a great way to prepare you to handle some of the complexities of being onsite, whether that means handling client concerns or ensuring that all of your workers are fully trained and qualified for their jobs.

Construction Operations Associate Certificate

Construction Operations Associate Certificate program is specifically designed for construction or building professionals who:

● Want to upgrade their existing skills and are currently practicing in the industry.

● Are active in certain strata of the industry and want an enhanced career opportunity at higher management roles.

● Wish to continue their ongoing education programs

The Construction Operations program has minimum entrance requirements, such as

● Grade 10 Math and English – Canadian Levels

● Knowledge of basic computer skills


Whether you're in the initial stages of your career or looking to make a progressive move ahead, the construction industry in Canada is booming. With billions of dollars of infrastructure spending forecast for the next 10 years, the time to get started is now.

These certifications demonstrate that you have committed to your professional development and have the skills to lead project teams in complex situations. These most in-demand certifications can help you break into this flourishing industry.

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