Top Window Coverings For Bedrooms 2022

April 1, 2022


Window coverings are important everywhere in your home, they keep the Sun out, secure your privacy and loo incredibly stylish, but there’s no part of your home where blinds are more important than your bedroom! Without a decent set of window dressings in your bedroom, you’ll notice that your sleep is disrupted by light pollution and that you can’t get dressed in the morning without worrying about peeping Toms.

Now that the need for a good set of window coverings in your home’s bedroom has been firmly established, what sort of window dressings do you need in your bedroom? Ultimately, the most important thing your window dressings will need is to be made of a blackout fabric or have a blackout lining to block out light from outside so that your sleep isn’t disturbed by light pollution or by the Sun rising in the morning.

So, you know that you’ll need a blackout blind or curtain of some sort, but what blinds and curtains are the best for bedrooms and why? Well, worry not as we’ve consulted with the team at to answer that question and suggest some fantastic blinds and curtains for your bedroom!

The Best Budget Friendly Option: Saturn Nightshade Blackout Roller Blind

Saturn Nightshade Blackout Roller Blind


The Saturn Nightshade Blackout Roller Blind is a great budget friendly option for those who just need something to block light out from their bedroom. This is a fabric wrapped blackout blind, meaning that it is simply made from blackout material wrapped in a more aesthetically pleasing fabric.

Prices for this blind start at just £9.60, which makes this blind an excellent option if you’re on a tight budget, pegging it as one of the cheapest blackout blinds on the market.

The Best Luxe Option: Theta Linen Curtain (W/Blackout Lining)

Theta Linen Curtain


If you’re looking for a luxurious window dressing for your bedroom, look no further than the Theta Linen Curtain (with blackout lining). This curtain is made from a fabulous textured material which feels as high-class as it looks, which will give your bedroom a luxurious feel.

As this blind can be made with, or without a blackout lining, it’s also an excellent choice if you want all the window dressings in your home to match, as you can get a blackout curtain for your bedroom and have matching curtains without the blackout lining elsewhere in your home.

The Style-First Option: Tottington Smoke Roman Blind (W/Blackout Lining)

Tottington Smoke Roman Blind


If you’re as concerned about style, as you are keeping your bedroom dark, then you’ll want a blind as fashion forward as you in your home. And for fashion forward window blinds, they don’t get much more stylish than the Tottington Smoke Roman Blind.

This unique patterned Roman blind utilises a blend of several shades of grey with a classic pattern which still works well across: classic, contemporary and even rustic décor schemes. Just make sure you opt for the blackout lining though, if you will use this blind in your bedroom!


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