What Are Traditional Sale Programs for Selling Your House?

April 26, 2022

Every home is different from another considering three major elements. First of all, it is about the location. Then comes the budget you would like to sell the house. Thirdly and most importantly, the current market.

Conventional Ways to Sell a House

There are three main traditional ways of selling a house. Each has a set of pros and cons. That’s the reason why it is important to discuss each conventional way briefly.

Traditional Method #1: Private Treaty

There is no certain date or time to close a tender or a public display of the best bid for buying a house. A private treaty is the most balanced approach to selling a house. The agent and owner of the house will decide the price of the house. Then, it is the agent who will negotiate and find the potential buyer.

Method to Sell a House #2: Expression of Interest (EOI)

There is a little twist to the auction when it comes to EOI. In this process of selling your house, the owner releases a tender. Then, it is upon the owner of the house to choose the best deal. The difference between auction and EOI is based on the fact that the best deal is not disclosed, there is a date and time when it closes, and has no negotiation involved.

Conventional Way #3: Auction

In this method, some people are interested in buying a house. The main idea is to get face-to-face competitors. Everyone is allowed to bid and the highest bidder wins the auction. An auction is an event in a private or public setting usually organized by the realtor.

A private treaty is always the easiest way to sell a house. Other ways have more loopholes and are not much functional at the present time.


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