What Fixes Are Mandatory After a Home Inspection in Sacramento?

April 28, 2022

Approximately 20% of contingent home purchase contracts fail because a settlement cannot be achieved. For home inspection findings, safety hazards that must be remedied prior to closing are known as mandatory repairs.

Before a home may be sold in Sacramento, CA it must meet certain requirements. If the home has serious flaws, such as structural flaws or poor electricity, buyers may be unable to acquire financing.

Home inspection in Sacramento CA and repairs can be a stressful part of the home buying or selling process. Knowing what to look for and expect as a real estate agent can assist you in guiding your client and making the process as smooth as possible.

In this blog, we'll go over what fixes are mandatory after a home inspection in Sacramento, California and some of the most critical components of the inspection and repair process, such as what repairs are required following a home inspection, particularly in resale homes.

Mandatory Repairs Following A House Inspection

Home inspectors check for flaws that make your home livable in addition to elements that make a property safe and habitable. Lenders will need some repairs before releasing funds to finance a buyer's property purchase. These typically address costly structural faults, building code violations, or safety issues—often in the attic, crawl spaces, and basement—as well as chimney or furnace-related difficulties.

An inspector will also check to see if your septic system and furnace are in excellent working order, as well as whether there is a radon leak or termites present (homeowners tend to have many questions on these topics).

The roof, electrical systems, and plumbing lines, as well as the state of your HVAC system, are some of the other aspects of your home that an inspector may report on. You may be able to negotiate repairs with your seller on the following items, albeit they are less likely to be required:

•  Appliances that are broken

•  Problems with the HVAC system

•  Plumbing concerns such as low water pressure or leakage

•  Drainage problems

•  Roofing (assuming it isn't a structural threat)

When it comes to Sacramento county requirements

In some localities in Sacramento, sellers may also be held accountable for unpermitted improvements and violations of building codes. For example, you might have to pay a permit fee or redo work that isn't up to code.

Although these repairs are normally the responsibility of the seller, the buyer may be able to shoulder some of the burden. Your real estate agent can assist you in negotiating these repairs and determining who will be responsible for them.

What's required and what's optional will vary depending on your location, the contract you've signed, and whether your financing is conditional on certain repairs being completed.

But what if the lender refuses to pay for the necessary repairs?

All buyers have the right to request that the seller make specific repairs after a home inspection as long as they have not agreed into "as is" agreement. If they live in a state where the proposed repairs are not required, the seller has the authority to decline.

If a buyer requests certain repairs and the seller refuses, the buyer has the option of walking away from the transaction. This can be difficult to do if you've invested emotionally in a property, but it may be the best option if no other arrangement can be reached.

Making an offer contingent on the house inspection is one method to avoid having to make this difficult decision. That establishes the assumption from the start that the buyer will make requests for improvements, with both seller and buyer agreeing that the ultimate sale will be contingent on at least some of those requests being fulfilled.

Tips: maintain a positive relationship with your inspector

The buyer, in most situations, is in charge of scheduling the house inspection, which means they get to choose the inspector. In most cases, the buyer will turn to you as the agent for a recommendation, so be prepared.

If you have an excellent working relationship with your inspector, they may be able to alert you to repairs on the inspection report before it is sent to the buyer. Before speaking with your client, you will be able to go over the items and pick which ones are the most crucial to repair.

Summing It Up

In a real estate transaction, a home inspection in Sacramento CA is one of the most important hurdles to overcome. It is critical for both the seller and the buyer to listen to their real estate agent's excellent advice. A listing agent should be advising the seller, and a buyer's agent should be advising the buyer.

Hence, there are some aesthetic repairs that should be handled seriously and others that should be ignored. It's not uncommon for a narrow line to be drawn between what should and shouldn't be addressed.

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