Why is Architecture in Land-Based Casinos So Important?

April 29, 2022

Casinos have a long history with expressive architecture and design. Many styles have been constructed over the years with the gaming capitals of the world adorned with the glitz and glamour they have brought. It is with good reason that casinos have paid attention to the style and presentation of their business establishment. We as a people are open to psychological persuasion. Advertisers know this and use it to their advantage to enable and even create want and desire for the products they are promoting. This principle is alive and well in casino design. With a primary need of the casino being customers, find out how the architecture is tailored to encourage customers and their willingness to spend money.

An Outside Chance

When a player visits a casino little is left to chance. The often flamboyant exterior of the casino will have been designed to draw in customers, this starts with the facade which can take many forms but is designed to impress and wow is the standard. Some casinos are world-famous for their external architecture like Caesar’s Palace, designed in the 1960s by architect Jay Sarno. The casino has seen a number of refurbishments through the decades, but all have kept to Jay Sarno’s grand iteration of Greco-Roman splendour. At its entrance, you are greeted by an enormous statue of Julius Caesar. Drawing your eyes to the entrance impressive roman columns climb high and define the entrance to the lobby where opulence abounds. This need to get customers through the door is something that every casino faces, no one wants to go somewhere dull, so bright lighting and stimulating lights and colours are used to best advantage to build excitement from the moment your eyes see the casino.

Insider Betting

When a player enters the casino the psychological stimulation grows and encourages excitement. The luxurious lobbies are no coincidence; we are psychologically conditioned to think that expensive surroundings mean we are buying the best products. Retailers use this technique to add cache to products and help drive desire. A feeling you are in a high-quality venue and one of opulence will help you feel more willing to part with your wagers. Your journey through some of the most carefully thought out sales opportunities for the casino has begun - your eyes are constantly drawn to spending opportunities by careful architects and marketers. It is a worthwhile exercise for any casino that can see the effects of even small changes in layout and decor translating into increases in revenue for the venue.

This can be seen in some strange layouts which at first do not make sense, like having a convoluted route to the bathrooms, one where you will need to pass through different areas of the casino. In doing so, you will have to pass many exciting opportunities to spend your money. High pay-out slot machines are ideal for this task, the sounds and coloured lights do the rest of the job and all of a sudden a quick flutter has happened. It’s as easy as that and it needs to be as running a large casino requires customers to part with their money at every opportunity.

There are different styles and methods a casino might use to drive custom and the industry is as much a follower of fashion as it is a leader. With a trend starting in 2020, some casinos have taken on a new style called playground design. This is illustrated well by The Bellagio in Las Vegas where this new open style is showcased. It is a calmer style, one of opulent relaxation intended to make customers and players feel like they are winning before they even place a chip.

Making a player feel like a winner is important as we tend to follow our instincts and when we are relaxed and feel safe and confident we are more likely to take chances and go all in. After all, we must be wealthy enough to play as we are already here feeling like winners.

Taking a look at the Park Lane Casino in London which boasts aspirational architecture, it’s easy to see it has been designed to impress, its opulence exudes from its clean lines and polished marble floors lay beneath a high class of entertainment and experience that gives patrons access to superb foods wines and an atmosphere of excitement and exclusivity.

The playground style of casino architecture and design has led to slot machines no longer sitting in rows but rather in smaller clusters that encourage social interaction and help us feel confident to spend our money.

Gambling On The Future

It’s clear that research and science are applied in abundance where casino design and architecture have a massive role to play in the success of a venue. This trend continues in both physical casino venues and those designing the layout for online casino platforms.

Casinos, both those in physical locations, but also those now online will continue to use architecture and design to help them build the highest revenues from their establishments and encourage customers to both return, but also to promote the casino to their friends and colleagues. In this Instagram and social media-driven world, the photo opportunity is something that is not being overlooked with styles emerging that take the wishes of their customers to post exciting social media photos seriously. So whichever way casino-style heads in the future, you can be sure it will be visually stunning and designed to impress with its opulence and glamour.

This way of designing layouts to encourage people to spend money isn’t anything new – we all know that supermarkets place treats near checkouts in order to encourage us to make a quick extra purchase before we pay for our shopping. Most customer-facing venues will have gone through similar thought processes – what looks good but also, what makes it as easy as possible for our visitors to spend their money?


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