10 Best Practices to be A Successful Construction Project Manager.

May 29, 2022

The role of construction project management is more demanding than a typical project management role. The Construction Management Association of America says that construction project managers have an average of 120 tasks.

So, they need to have a technical skillset, and they need to be pretty thorough and strategic about their work.

They have to ensure that everyone, from architecture to suppliers, is sticking to the budget and schedule. And this is only possible when they don’t lose their minds and stay sane.

So, here are a few best practices and tips for construction project management that will help them succeed in their field of work and establish a well-accepted reputation.

Understand the Job First and Then Look for Resources

Before you start asking for resources, the project must be thoroughly detailed and specified to go from a simple idea to an active campaign. Consider the numerous project requirements, workflows, potential roadblocks, and resources required to complete the project.

Doing this is essential to determine whether your team or organization has the resources necessary to complete the project in the first place.

Know Your Construction Team

To be a successful captain, one has to know about his team players.

It is imperative to know the strengths and weaknesses of your team members to deliver the best possible result.

So, before hiring or selecting any member for your project, talk to their previous clients, their suppliers, and or with anyone they have worked with before but didn’t mention in their reference. It will help you to know if they are dedicated, work-driven, and committed to their work or not.

And, surely you will get to know some of their drawbacks, which will help you evaluate them better.

As a construction project manager, one of the best practices you can do to be successful is to use a time clock app with GPS. By using this app, you'll be able to track the time your employees are spending on the job site. This information can be used to improve project schedules and make sure that your employees are productive. In addition, the time clock app with GPS can also help you keep track of employees' whereabouts in case of an emergency.

Maintain a Clear and Consistent Communication Flow

For any project leader or team and in every stage of any heavy civil construction project, communication is the key to success. Simply establish a flow of communication with every stakeholder related to your project.

You can use instant messaging software for your internal communication and keep everything in one space. You can keep track of updates, schedules, and budgets by syncing photos, comments, documents, and other essential things in one place.

But remember to arrange face-to-face meetings pretty often to foster a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie.

Create a Project Plan

A project plan is a precise overview of how you'll manage the project, the goals for your team, and how you'll end the project.

It should include key points like the mission, scope, budgeting, scheduling, personnel, evaluation and control, quality standards, risk management, etc.

Consider the workload of team members when you make your project strategies. If bottlenecks develop, it will ruin the momentum of your project.

Stick to the Budget

Adhering to the given budget is important because clients are unlikely to increase it to a great extent. So, provide them with the value and quality they are paying for.

Some dishonest project managers may try to pocket some money for which the budget gets limited, and the quality of the work declines significantly.

So, never get dishonest with your work; make a budget plan and follow it everywhere with every team member.

Maintain a schedule

Always try to set realistic and feasible deadlines for your team members. Achieving deadlines is essential, but the quality of work is also important.

So, don’t put much workload on your team members. Discuss with them before setting deadlines. Once the deadlines are set, try to maintain that as strictly as possible. There can be some incidents, but you have to try your best to be the best.

Keep Your Plan B, C, and D Ready

Construction project management can be very stressful, and you never know what you face during every phase of a project. So, to be a successful project manager, always be ready with alternative plans. It will be effective if any of your plans fail, as you can move to the next plan immediately.

Let Your Teammates Talk

A successful construction project manager needs to listen to his teammates. Their feedback, ideas, and difficulties related to work should all be considered. If only you do the talking, it will be difficult to see the outcome as you expected.

Be Up to Date

You must know what’s happening. Keep track of everything related to the project. It will help you to find out if any member is procrastinating or not and how much of the budget you have remaining. Tracking everything will also let you take quick corrective measures for sudden errors in work.

Keep Project Documents Up to Date

It's tempting to put off housekeeping responsibilities as a project manager and instead focus on putting out fires. However, you must keep your project documentation up to date throughout the project. This practice will help you save a great deal of time, and the project completion will feel like a breeze to you.



Some Bonus Tips

  1. Be decisive.
  2. Seek for the best professional to assign particular jobs.
  3. Automated reporting systems can be a big help.
  4. For more insights, retrospective meetings are a must.
  5. Balance your work-personal life.

Wrap up

If you don’t yet practice any of the above suggestions, as a construction project manager, Implement these steps if you want to see yourself as a successful construction project manager.


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