10 Reasons to Consider Lab Grown Diamonds in Plano

May 31, 2022


The demand for lab-grown diamonds is increasing. Apart from being cheaper, people are getting aware that mined diamonds can cause damage to the environment since it involves digging out layers and layers of earth. Plano wholesale lab-grown diamonds are offered by several diamond stores. Opting for lab-grown diamonds can give you many advantages and here are some reasons why you have to consider one:

1. They are more affordable than mined diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds cost 50% or lower than naturally mined diamonds. Imagine how much you can save and still get the features of the diamond you want. Diamonds are priced according to their features, the higher the grades the more expensive, however, if you opt for lab-grown diamonds you can get a higher grade diamond compared to if you buy naturally mined diamonds.

2. They are conflict-free

The issues on mined diamonds have been going around and people are saying that they are destroying the environment to gain their pleasure, this is one reason why lab diamond demands are growing since they are conflict-free. Unlike mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds don’t require any activity that could destroy the environment.

3. They have the same optical and chemical properties as mined diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have exact properties and composition to that of the naturally mined diamonds. This means it is hard to tell if you are wearing a lab-grown diamond or a naturally mined diamond unless tools and skilled diamond technicians are the ones who will be checking on your diamond. So opting for lab-grown diamonds won’t matter too much.

4. They come in a variety of colors

Just like mined diamonds, lab-grown diamonds come in different colors. Colorless ones are also evaluated by the color grade used for mined diamonds. Colorless lab-grown diamonds are also pricey and rarely colored diamonds come with a price too. Adding trace elements can produce colored diamonds.

5. They can be customized to fit your needs

Lab-grown diamonds can be created faster than mined diamonds which means they can be produced exactly at the time you need them. Plus they can be polished and cut according to the shape you want and since they can do mass production you can choose from all sorts of sizes and carats. Customized jewelry is perfect for personal use as a gift.

6. They are environmentally friendly

In creating lab-grown diamonds, mining is not required which means they are environmentally friendly. This issue has been rising for a long time and as people get more concerned about the environment purchasing natural diamonds has been questioned.

7. They can be a modern Heirloom

Heirlooms are traditional, especially engagement rings. But now that lab-grown diamonds spend too much on diamonds to pass on is possible since you can get them at a cheaper price. Plus lab-grown diamonds can last longer too without fading and their durability is the same as that of the natural diamonds which means they can last for decades too.

8. They can be made to any Jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds can be created into any jewelry, plus most stores that sell lab-grown diamonds have a lot of variety since they can produce lab-grown diamonds faster. Using lab-grown diamond jewelry can be good for everyday use too since they are not that pricey

9. They are Trending now

Since mined diamonds are being questioned because of environmental issues, lab-grown diamonds are trendy now due to the demands. Therefore opting for lab-grown diamonds can still be good if you want to be part of the trend.

10. They’re one of a Kind

No diamonds are the same and this rule goes with lab-grown diamonds which makes them unique. Just like fingerprints , diamonds have their own printing too and even if they are grown in a lab each of them are different. Buying lab-grown diamonds can give you assurance that you can have a unique diamond in your hands. As much as the buyer wants, they want to have a diamond that stands out.

Now that you are aware of the 10 reasons to consider lab-grown diamonds in Plano. You can now start searching for the right store to buy from and make a list of the grades of the diamond you want so you will be able to spot the diamond you like easily.



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