10 Strategies for Commercial Organizations to Boost Delivery

May 24, 2022

How do supply chain delays affect your service-based company’s reputation? Operating an e-commerce business in the 21st century means that you shouldn’t compromise on delivery. Customers expect seamless delivery services, and statistics show that 69% of customers won’t conduct business with a retailer again if their products fail to arrive within two days.

So, which factors cause delivery delays? Experts believe that traffic, customs, vehicular breakdowns, weather conditions, and many other factors hinder the delivery of your products to expecting customers. For this reason, we’re describing some methods to boost delivery and make your e-commerce company well-trusted by its customers nationwide.

How can e-commerce companies improve delivery services?

The coronavirus pandemic was probably the most crucial factor behind supply-chain disruptions in 2020. Unfortunately, experts believe that even after two years, the setbacks caused by COVID-19 haven’t been reversed. The pandemic-caused disruptions and shortages have continued into 2022. We can’t deny that online shopping isn’t a luxury anymore; it has almost become a norm in every country. Options like next-day delivery aren’t perks anymore since everyone expects them more often now.

So, how do companies improve delivery efficiency today? We’ve mentioned some suggestions to help commercial organizations bolster delivery services. Follow our below-mentioned strategies to make your products get across the globe faster:

1. Choose reliable logistics partners

This headache-inducing procedure requires companies to choose proper logistics partners. Therefore, select someone reliable and professional to boost your delivery services. We suggest you visit gokoho.com and leverage their easy-to-use platform. Koho offers LTL freight services that cover your shipping needs. You may choose from their network of carriers offering various services to e-commerce organizations.

Every organization should choose the correct courier to keep its customers pleased and satisfied.

2. Use EDIs properly

Supply chain delays also stem from companies engaging in paperwork instead of digitizing. Nonetheless, adopting EDIs (electronic data interchange) allows B2B communication electronically, improving delivery services.

Integrating technology into your business functions has become necessary today in this fast-paced world. Your company can manage a larger volume of its inventory by adopting EDIs. So, we suggest commercial organizations get rid of papers and move to digital records.

3. Inform your customers

When your customers are kept well-informed about their products’ journey across the country, they’ll become frustrated with your company. Even if you cannot speed up the delivery process, ensure that the customer stays aware of what’s happening.

That’s why companies are now permitting customers to track the progress of their products. This tracking capability allows them to monitor their goods and expect their arrival. So, inform your customers to keep them satisfied.

4. Manage your inventory

E-commerce organizations shouldn’t ignore the importance of proper inventory management since mismanaging warehousing may disrupt your logistics. For instance, customers can keep purchasing a product online because it’s displayed on the website even when your warehouses have run out of it. Therefore, your website-handling workers must communicate effectively with your inventory managers.

Also, stockpile popular products and ensure that you’re refilling your inventory before it runs empty.

5. Offer different options

Include a variety of delivery options to empower your customers. We’ve already explained that your customers don’t consider next-day delivery a luxury anymore. They expect even faster deliveries, and 88% of consumers are willing to choose the same-day delivery option. So, your company must offer the luxury of choice to customers.

Offering more options can lead to happier customers. At the very least, organizations must offer their consumers the now-normal next-day delivery to keep up with the competition.

6. Invest in warehousing

When your company starts expanding, it begins to attract customers worldwide. For this reason, e-commerce organizations should have extensive warehousing across the country instead of just relying upon third-party services. Consider Amazon with their 110 fulfillment centers in the USA alone while owning even more warehouses around the globe.

So, companies with a nationwide audience should invest in multiple warehouses. That’s how they can boost delivery services and keep customers satisfied.

7. Automate wherever possible

Automation can eliminate supply chain delays and streamline your company’s delivery service. Now, easily broken-down business functions can be improved by introducing automated services that reduce human errors, thereby restructuring difficult procedures.

For instance, decreasing human involvement ultimately improves the customer service experience. So, your business can rely more upon chatbots to answer repetitive questions and satisfy people’s queries.

8. Prepare for customs

Besides traffic, weather, and paperwork, customs also create hindrances for your delivery service. A company should prepare for customs by using the EDIs mentioned above. However, there should be another method to avoid this frustrating sequence of your delivery process. You can now declare goods online to streamline this process and avoid needless delays.

Declaring these goods even before they’ve left the country can easily let them pass through customs without much scrutiny.

9. Set realistic timelines

Experts believe that 99% of retailers will offer same-day delivery by 2025. However, an e-commerce organization shouldn’t set unrealistic delivery timelines or make promises they can’t fulfill. We have seen many companies offering unrealistic timelines to attract more customers. But this strategy may fail miserably and diminish your reputation.

So, establish realistic timelines and display transparency to your customers. Avoid flexible timelines and promise what you can deliver realistically.

10. Track employee schedules

Small-sized e-commercial companies have limited resources, but utilizing them efficiently can allow the organization to offer quick deliveries. Ensure employee availability by tracking their schedules and monitoring their capacities. That’s how you can prevent overworked employees from causing delays in delivery services. Track employee schedules and assign them jobs accordingly.

Also, ensure that you aren’t overusing your resources.


We’ve established that e-commerce companies must boost delivery services for customer retention. So, how can you deliver products to customers quickly? We discussed some methods for bolstering product delivery. Choose your logistics partners wisely, and don’t forget about automating this process if possible. Establish realistic timelines for product delivery and keep your customers well-informed. That’s how you can avoid breaching a customer’s faith in your promise. Likewise, invest in warehousing and manage the inventory countrywide. Prepare for customs since they often cause delayed deliveries in the USA. And finally, offer customers different delivery options to make this process as smooth as possible.


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