12 Ways to Paint like a Pro

May 10, 2022

Are you looking to spruce up the paintwork in your home? Perhaps it’s getting tired, or you just want a new color scheme? There are some things you can do to make sure you get a finish as close to a professional as possible. Check out https://apfpainters.com for some house painting inspiration, and then have a look at the 12 tips below before you get your brushes out and start painting!

Choose the Right Paint

The most important thing about a quality painting job is using the right type of paint. Here’s our brief list for you to know which to use:

  • Flat finish is for low use areas and ceilings
  • Eggshell is for a brighter look and is easier to clean
  • Semi-gloss is for areas such as the kitchen and bathroom where clean-ups are needed.
  • Gloss is for that shiny finish you want in high-use areas.

Remember that cheap paint will give a cheap finish, so always buy quality brand paints. Now, what are you going to paint with?

Buy Quality Brushes

Just as with poor quality paint, cheap brushes will not result in a quality finish. If you are using oil-based paint, always use brushes with natural bristles. Invest in a good set of quality brushes and make sure you have a wide wall brush for the large areas, and a thinner brush for detailing. Avoid synthetic brushes if you can as the result will not be as impressive.

Use a Good Roller

For large areas such as walls and ceilings a roller makes a lot of difference. Rollers are good for applying the initial undercoat and for getting large areas covered far more quickly than with a brush. A roller will also give a more even finish with less effort as it covers a bigger space. Don’t overload your roller as this will result in excess drips. Buy a quality roller as the little extra expense will make a difference in terms of quality.

Invest in Tape

Buy some rolls of good tough tape. You will need this to mask off windows, for example, or other areas around the job that you do not want to paint or get paint on. Tape is an invaluable investment for a DIY painting job, and you will find it difficult to get those sharp edges without it.

So, now you have your essential equipment and materials, it’s time to start the job. Let’s imagine you’re painting a wall, you have all areas masked off with tape, and you’re ready to go. Where do you start?

Start at the Edge

Always start with the edges. This allows you to get the detailed work out of the way so you can then move into the centre and start filling in. Believe us when we say you will be grateful for this tip when you begin your painting job. It really does make the job a lot easier and will save you time too. Detailing the edges when the middle is done is a lot more work, so start with that small brush or roller, and get the edge into a frame for you to fill in.

Even Coat Tricks

Getting an even coat with a brush can be a frustrating problem. One trick professionals use is to ensure that they have the paint on the brush evenly by passing it over a wire coat hanger, for example, to remove the excess paint. Do this every time you load your brush, and you will get as consistent a finish as possible every time.

Have Rags Handy

Rags are a handy item to have a round. You may have splashes in areas you don’t want them, so keep a pile of old rags close to hand. Cut up old clothing, or buy cheap rags at the hardware store, and never start a painting job without them. They’re great for taking excess paint of the edges of the tin and roller try too.

Take Your Time

Never rush a painting job. If you need more than one coat always ensure your first coat is dry before applying the second. If you have to, leave it overnight, which brings us to our next point.

Overnight Breaks

You don’t need to worry about washing your brushes thoroughly if you are having an overnight break. Instead, make sure there is as little paint as possible on the brushes, then wrap them in foil and put them in the freezer overnight, and they’ll be ready for the morning. This really does work and is a handy tip to know! When you do need to clean our brushes, you need to do it thoroughly.

Cleaning Brushes

We know, it’s a chore, but if you want to get the best out of your brushes you need to clan them completely when you have completed the job. Run them under water until you are certain there is no paint left then put them in turpentine or white spirit for a few hours to make sure. Rinse them thoroughly, and you’re ready to put them away until next time.

Use Roller Tray Liners

When using a roller tray, we recommend you pay the small amount extra and invest in a pack of tray liners. Quite simply, this will make your clean up operation a lot easier, simply remove the liner, dispose of it properly, and wash the little paint that is on the tray away.

Leave it to Cure

Finally, when you have finished painting that wall – or door, frame, or other item – try and touch it as little as possible. Paint takes many days to fully cure – sometimes up to 30 – and will be susceptible to even the smallest touches, so if you don’t want fingerprints on your new paint job, keep your hands away from it!

We hope that these 12 handy and practical tips will help you complete your planned painting project to the best effect, so good luck, and enjoy your clean and fresh décor.


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