4 Laundry Tips for Making Your Clothes Last

May 28, 2022

Do you know you can prolong your clothes' life? By storing, washing, and drying smartly. Storing the clothes right is not hard anymore, all you have to do is put the carefully washed and dried clothes in a vac storage bag. These clothes would thank you.

Washing and drying clothes well is a bit trickier and harder. However, nothing prolongs the life of clothes more like the habit of washing and drying appropriately would do. Therefore, if you do not want your overly loved clothes to say goodbye to you anytime soon, be willing to change a few habits.

The experts have a lot of laundry tips and ideas to make the clothes last longer. You can also visit Hayden Hill for more tips and ideas when it comes to protecting or how to take care your clothes. However, the 4 most effective tips are given below;

Use gentle detergents and be careful with the quantity

When it comes to detergents, you have two choices: mild and harsh detergents. There are a few things that would require to be washed with harsh detergents. However, your clothes are an exception as they can not tolerate harsh chemicals for a long time. Therefore, to wash your regular and overly adored clothes, you need to invest in a mild detergent. The milder the detergent would be the longer your clothes live. You can hire dry cleaners san diego.

Few detergents claim to be "mild" or "gentle". However, you are not supposed to trust the label. Go through the ingredients, the mild or gentle detergent would never have bleach, dioxane, sodium laureth sulphate (SLS), formaldehyde, phosphates, nonylphenol ethoxylate, benzene, and Synthetic fragrances. If any of the claimed to be mild detergent has one or few of these chemicals, put it back or rack and find something else.

Do not ignore the fabric care labels

Remember! You can not treat all clothes the same. Some clothes come with strict care labels. These care labels strictly come to be followed if you ignore the care labels, the clothes would expire in no time. It is important that you are informed of these precautions in case you decide to bring your clothes to a laundry service.

Dry your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack

We all have busy lives, we keep finding ways to make it easier. Since washing and drying clothes on weekends seems daunting, we either prefer to send the clothes for dry cleaning or choose clean and dry clothes in the washer. Drying the clothes in the washer and sending the clothes for dry cleaning are the two biggest mistakes we make. Both processes shorten the life of our beloved clothes. Therefore, to prolong the life of our clothes we have to do the opposite; wash the clothes with a mild detergent in the washer and dry clothes on a clothesline or dry rack.

Do not use hot water to wash the clothes

Hot water does not just fade colors but shrinks and reduces the life of our beloved clothes. Therefore, it should be avoided at all costs. Try using lukewarm cold water to wash your clothes off. The colors would remain intact, the clothes would not shrink and have a longer life. If you live in a country where winters are harsh, you should wash less or avoid hot water as much as you can.



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