4 Tips And Tricks To Improve Kitchen Organization

May 26, 2022

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where food is stocked and prepared to nourish the family. Usually, it's one of the most used areas in a home and definitely the busiest. Having said that, the quote saying 'kitchen spaces can never be enough' is pretty common in every home.

However, that's not always the case. Some homes have a limited kitchen area, but space is still at a premium, and aesthetics are still considered due to the excellent organizational practices that they are doing. On the contrary, there are also homes where the kitchen area is spacious enough to fit a hundred items but is still a mess due to untidy and disorganized kitchen stuff.

So, why organize your kitchen then?

Accessible kitchen areas allow you to prepare meals faster without facing the dilemma of searching every cupboard and drawer just to look for a spatula. Thus, saving you an enormous amount of time! Another benefit that an organized kitchen can offer you is it gives you good visibility and access to every item in your kitchen. Thus, it refrains you from purchasing the exact items you already have. Therefore, saving you money. Not just that, it lessens the stress when you need to unpack grocery stuff because you know right away where to put them exactly.

If this topic seems of particular interest to you, check out the four tips and tricks to improve kitchen organization.

Make Use Of Unused Spaces

If you take a closer look at your kitchen, most probably, there are still unused areas that can be optimized to give you more storage.

Areas like the back of the door, above cabinets, under the sink, and even kitchen corners are commonly left unutilized. But, when you take the time to think and imagine, there are a couple of ways that you can do to make use of that open space.

You can install cupboards under the sink or in corner areas for additional storage. If you need more ideas about this, trusted hardware stores like Keeler Hardware offers tons of options that will truly help you pick the most suitable one for you.

Aside from installing additional cabinets, you can also install hooks behind your kitchen door to hang your towels and aprons after use. Spaces above your wall cabinets can also be used by placing small baskets or containers above them. However, it would be best to be careful of what to put in them as the temperature might be higher than the storage below.

Learn To Declutter And Let Go

Too much clutter in your kitchen eats up spaces that could've been used for more storage. Therefore, one practical tip that you need to start doing is the habit of decluttering and letting go.

What does this mean?

Make it a routine to always check your cupboard, pantry, drawers, and even the fridge, and check for items you need to either throw or give away. These are expired items in your pantry or rusty utensils and broken or damaged facilities in your kitchen that might cause danger when used.

Stow What You Don't Use Daily

As the quote says, 'Less is more.' That's also very true when it comes to your kitchen, especially your countertop.

If you have a toaster, coffeemaker, grinder, and other items on your countertop, this might give a very busy and tight look, which might not be pleasing to the eyes. On the other hand, when your countertop is clear, this allows you to have more space for cooking and moving around. Aesthetically, you'll never go wrong with a clean countertop.

What you can do to solve this dilemma is to stow appliances that you don't use very often. You can store items such as blenders, coffee makers, and bread toasters in a cupboard just above your countertop to grab them easily when you need to use them.

Group Things Together And Label Storages

Sometimes, due to busy schedules, you tend to store everything in your cabinet without thinking about where items should belong. In the long run, whenever you need to find some items, it'll take you forever because they're not where you expect them to be.

When you encounter the same problem, you can label your drawers and cupboards so that you'll quickly know where to put a specific item. When you are still thinking of how to store things, you should group them accordingly. One example is to group all condiments in one area and all utensils in another.


Indeed, knowing how to organize your kitchen properly can definitely lessen your stress and save you time, energy, and money. Doing it doesn't need to be expensive.

Making decluttering a habit is one of the things that you must do to maintain an accessible and organized kitchen. Maximizing unused spaces in your kitchen, such as the back of the door or above your kitchen cabinets, is also a smart way to expand your kitchen area. As much as possible, store things in your cabinets and keep a neat countertop. Lastly, make sure to group things accordingly and label your cupboards and drawers for a more hassle-free kitchen.


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