4 Unusual Tips For Cleaning Windows

May 15, 2022

Cleaning windows is believed to be a hard job. Even with the most expensive and effective cleaners, it's super hard to get rid of stubborn streaks from the interior and the exterior of the windows. Sometimes, we are successful in cleaning the stubborn streaks. However, the window still does not look clean at all. That's even more annoying than not being able to get rid of stubborn streaks.

Cleaning the windows is necessary not only to make the entire house look clean but to prevent glass degradation as well. Hire window cleaning miami. Therefore, you can not relax until the windows of your house look perfect. If you always have a hard time cleaning the windows, here are some unusual tips that would help you in cleaning the windows to perfection;

Use a Microfiber cloth for cleaning the window

We all have been using regular paper, tissue paper, and newspapers to clean the windows. Paper is widely believed to be an economical solution to clean the window glass. Surprisingly, the reality is quite different. It does help in removing dirt and debris. However, if you do not know how to use paper correctly, it leaves the streaks behind. That's the one major reason why professional window cleaners are never seen using newspapers or tissue paper to clean the windows.

The professional cleaners prefer using microfiber cloth instead. Yes, microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloth is just as mighty in cleaning the windows as it fights off frizzy hair. It is a highly absorbent cloth that leaves the windows clean, shiny, and streak-free. Therefore, it's high time to say no to newspapers and yes to a microfiber cloth.

Lint rollers are not just for carpets and furniture

Lint rollers have many uses. However, people usually use it to clean carpets, furniture, and surfaces that are not glass. It is a least-known fact that lint rollers are glass's best friend as well. So before attacking the glass with DIY or ready-made cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth, use a lint roller to take off as much dirt and debris as you can. When the glass has no dirt or debris, the microfiber cloth and the cleaning solution will make it crystal clear.

Do not use newspaper, use a scrubber and squeegee instead

As mentioned above, the newspaper is a terrible thing to clean the windows with. If you try noticing the professional cleaners, their secret to crystal clean windows is microfiber cloth, scrubber, and squeegee. Therefore if you want good results, you have to trust the professionals. Geta high-quality scrubber(with a handle) and squeegee. It's important to mention here that you have to learn to use a scrubber and squeegee as well. Otherwise, the results can still be disappointing.

Clean windows on a cloudy day

Cleaning the windows at the right time is also important. Cleaning windows on a cloudy day gives more time for the cleaner to do its magic. Whereas if you choose a sunny day to clean the window, the direct sunlight would dry off the cleaner on the glass leaving marks on the windows.


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