5 Reasons To Include Pressure Washing In Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

May 30, 2022

For a majority of homeowners, having their homes power- or pressure-washed can still seem like an extravagance, particularly when they aren’t aware of all the many benefits it brings. Some may not even see it as a necessity compared to all the other periodic cleaning tasks that have to be accomplished.

In reality, however, pressure washing should form an integral part of your spring cleaning checklist. In fact, it can be done more than annually, depending on how dirty your home’s exterior gets. Natural elements of the sun and the weather can take a beating on your home, the fact of which contributes to your home’s unwanted aging.

With that said, here are five reasons why power washing in Metairie, LA, or wherever you live should form a pertinent part of your spring cleaning checklist:

1. It Can Preserve Your Property’s Value

Your home’s exterior holds that heavy and all-important role of literally being the sponge of all the weather’s harsh elements. Over time, it’s expected that your home will look worn out because of the dire effects of those harmful elements. The outdoor elements can chip your paint, or cause unsightly stains that may negatively impact your home’s curb appeal. In effect, its value decreases.

One good way to freshen up your home without a major repair or paint job is by cleaning it through pressure washing from brisbane. Doing this once a year is already good enough. If you talk to a realtor, a good-looking home will always be one that’s easier to sell. Hence, should you decide to sell your home, you may be able to command a more competitive price for it simply because it’s well-maintained.

2. It Prevents Damage To Property

When dust, dirt, and other debris settle on your pavement, exterior walls, and roof over time, it can also damage your property. The substances that build up on those parts of your home can eat away surfaces, therefore causing corrosion. What would’ve been something so easy and cheap to do through pressure washing on now may lead to a bigger and more expensive repair job if you ignore such issues.

To understand the extent of that preventable damage, take a mental note of this picture. The damage doesn’t just affect the surfaces; rather, it can also make the materials underneath those protective layers vulnerable to damage as well. By this, it means that your home’s interiors may now also be exposed to the harsh elements of nature. Because they’re often out of sight and out of reach, the damage may accumulate for years due to cleaning neglect, and then the house would just give up before you can even prepare.

3. It Saves You More Money In The Long Run

Paying for the services of a pressure washing company can seem like an extra expense right at the outset. But, when you think about it in the long run, the expense of paying for that regular pressure washing service will actually still wind up way cheaper than the possible expensive repairs due to neglect.

Think of this as a part of your preventive maintenance so you can incorporate it into your budget. It’s a positive act of safeguarding your investment when you take very good care of it rather than wait for the more money-eating detrimental effects in the future.

4. It Protects Your Family’s Health

Mold and mildew are two of the most common indoor irritants. Depending on where you live and what surrounds your home, dirty exteriors can also contribute to the building up of mold and mildew. You wouldn’t want your home to be that kind of unpleasant space, especially if there are family members who regularly suffer from allergies and asthma.

Surely, it’s every homeowner’s aim to make their space as healthy as possible for their family. You can effectively protect your family’s health by pressure washing at least twice a year. This is good enough to help eradicate the issues brought forth by mold and mildew buildup.

5. It Can Save You Time

For someone who regularly cleans their home’s exteriors (like the deck, patio, driveway, and fence), before pressure washing came into being, you may have done it the old-school way all these times. This entails brushing the ground and every single area manually. If that’s a part of your spring cleaning activities, you’re sure that it’ll eat so much of your time and schedule.

A better and more time-efficient way is to outsource this job to professional pressure washing companies. It saves you time, so you can focus on other spring cleaning tasks.

Final Word

A lot of homeowners are actually unaware of the benefits of pressure washing their homes. If you’re one of those people, then you may try it out this spring. More than the aesthetic value it brings to your home, it also contributes to good functionality to keep your home from wearing down and breaking down sooner than it should.



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One comment on “5 Reasons To Include Pressure Washing In Your Spring Cleaning Checklist”

  1. Its great that you pointed out how pressure washing could prevent damage to property caused by corrosion. Some kids sprayed on graffiti on our walls last night and my wife really wants to have it removed as soon as possible. Scrubbing the graffiti might damage the walls so I'll ask for graffiti removal pressure washing services to work on it instead.

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