5 Steps to Urban Living Outside of Big Cities

May 30, 2022

The trend of moving out of the bustling lifestyle of the big city began long before the COVID-19 pandemic started. The growth gap between US cities and suburbs declines year by year. Of course, the pandemic accelerated the trend, with people looking for more personal space in times of social distancing. The demand for vacant land increased by 3% compared to the overall decline of 32% in commercial real estate acquisitions in the wake of stay-at-home regulations from governments.

When relocating from the fast pace of city life to a more rural setting, taking baby steps is key. If you’re still not ready to wave goodbye to your big city, check the five essential steps to urban living outside of big cities and ease yourself into your new life.


Find the Right Parcel of Land to Build Your Home

The first thing to consider when looking for urban living outside of big cities is to find the right land for sale to build your home. In general, real estate in rural areas can be purchased for less money than similar-sized urban properties. Due to the scarcity of living space in towns and metropolitan centers, prices for tiny residences remain high. While larger cities attract a higher price, relocating to the outskirts is a more affordable alternative.

Before starting to look for properties for sale, consider the area where you'd live. Examine what’s most important to you: job opportunities, schools, fine arts, or local shopping. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself informed about the zoning regulations so that you know what type of house you’ll be able to build.

Start Working Remotely

The suburbs have been urbanizing for years. However, the prevalence of remote work has supercharged that progression by making it more viable. People have been increasingly moving to the outskirts in search of tranquility without sacrificing their job opportunities. According to recent statistics, more than 56 million Americans freelanced last year, choosing flexibility over a traditional job. So, if there’s a possibility for you, opt to work remotely. This can give you the best of both worlds — you can still feel the urban life but away from the city bustle, awful commutes, and high cost of living.

Open Your Own Business

Areas outside the big cities have fewer thriving businesses. As a result, people often need to travel to town and spend more money to get the products and services. While this can be perceived as a disadvantage, you can also see it as a great business opportunity. Think about how you can be a pioneer in development. Discover the pain points of your community and learn what people need. If your business can meet those needs, you’ll give back to your community and enjoy significant incentives and perks.

Attend Events

There are fewer restaurants, concerts, and art openings for social activities outside major cities. But don’t let that discourage you. You can still have a social life — it’ll just be a little different. For example, you can attend festivals, fundraisers, and family gatherings. It may not have the same feel, but it will give you a good idea of who lives there and something to speak about with your new acquaintances. In addition, it’ll help you in becoming a valued member of the community rather than being just a visitor.

Consider Getting a Car

Public transportation is one of the main perks when living in big cities. However, public transit is less reliable in tiny communities, if it exists at all. So, if you don’t want to give up the urban parks, it may be time to invest in a new car. That way, you can easily get around without sacrificing your time.


Final Thoughts

Living outside the big cities certainly has its own perks. But, if you're not ready to part ways with the urban way of living, these steps can ease your transition and help you adjust better to your new life.

When relocating outside the city, you'll have a great land buying opportunity so you can build the home you've always wanted. Moreover, suburban homes can provide quick and straightforward access to city centers and a variety of metropolitan services while maintaining a slower pace, better sense of space, and greater connection to the natural environment.



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