6 Gunite Pool Construction Tips

May 12, 2022

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Swimming pools are an attractive and active addition to a home that increases its value. Building the ideal pool for your home necessitates extensive research and the right expertise. Gunite pools are among the most popular types of swimming pools. They are well-known for their longevity and adaptability.

Building a gunite swimming pool is a challenging task. Nevertheless, the tips listed below can make building a gunite pool easier. However, some people are unaware of the gunite pools. They are the most common swimming pool used in the US. Following are the details about a gunite swimming pool and six construction tips.

What is a gunite swimming pool?

A gunite pool is constructed primarily of gunite, a dry mixture of cement and sand. It gets combined when water and air are sprayed onto the pool area. Apart from vinyl or other materials, a gunite swimming pool is primarily concrete. A compressed air gun sprays gunite in layers where concrete is poured into frames. It enables gunite to be applied to vertical surfaces and curves, resulting in a seamless and long-lasting surface. Gunite is prevalent in things like road tunnels and is a widespread choice for inground pool construction.

A gunite swimming pool is the finest way to beat the heat in the comfort of your backyard. You might be interested in a gunite pool as a homeowner for the following reasons:

  • The ability to design the swimming pool in almost any shape or size.
  • The ability to incorporate the swimming pool into your existing landscape.
  • You can personalize your swimming pool with a variety of finish options.
  • Because of the durability of gunite, your swimming pool will last.
  • You have nearly limitless design options.

Gunite swimming pools are adaptable and durable. They can be customized in various ways and last for a long time. Although they take time to complete, the result is worth the wait. They give your home a distinct appearance and increase its value.

Six tips to construct a gunite pool

Before beginning constructing a gunite pool, there are several factors to consider:

1. All mechanical systems must be prepared and installed

When building a gunite pool, it is critical to prepare and install all mechanical systems before spraying the gunite onto the pool area. It includes plumbing, filtration, and electrical systems such as lights and heating. Because it is difficult to re-adjust any mechanical methods once the gunite has been sprayed on them, it will also save you time, effort, and money when you first install these systems.

2. Dig the exact dimensions

Because gunite pools are frequently made free-form, the correct dimensions must be obtained during digging. Among the most vital steps in building a gunite pool is digging the pool area. Before excavation, the measurements should be precise, noting how deep and wide the pool should be. It is crucial to note that you should include the width or thickness of the gunite in the total dimension of your swimming pool. If the measurements are incorrect, you may have a larger or smaller pool.

3. Strong framing is crucial

Another critical step in constructing a gunite pool is the framing surrounding the pool area. Rebars should be slightly thicker to support the weight of the concrete and all of the other pool features, and you should also consider rebar spacing. It is critical to consider how far apart each rebar should be to ensure a long-lasting backbone for the concrete. Remember that the framing or rebar around the pool is where the constructors will spray the gunite. It is where the dry mixture will adhere. Before pouring on the cement, make sure the framing is perfectly level and square.

4. Shape the pool with hand tools and excavation

You may have to give up some trees and adjust any fencing that surrounds your property while the pool builder digs out the area for your pool. Depending on the season and the amount of dirt to be removed, establishing the general shape of the swimming pool may only take a day or two.

Moreover, create your ideal pool shape with hand tools. It is done to limit the amount of concrete that needs to be chipped off or removed from the wall's surface. You can also avoid the task of backfilling any large holes or parts by using hand tools. 6 Gunite Pool Construction .jpg

5. Pool positioning

When designing or laying out the location of the pool, always consider the machinery and equipment that the workers will use to construct the gunite pool; the machinery requires a lot of space to operate, so plan ahead of time where you want to put the pool and where you want to put the equipment. It frequently causes the pool's position to shift.

6. Use chemicals & filtration

Your swimming pool will become more prone to algae growth due to its porous surface. To combat this, you will need to use more chemicals and filtration and brush your pool more frequently to remove any algae.

Furthermore, pool surfaces made of nite or shotcrete may need refinished. Unlike fibreglass or vinyl liner pools, gunite and shotcrete pools will eventually show wear signs. To keep your pool's smooth surface and attractive appearance, you'll need to refinish the surface, adding a fresh layer of finish. On the other hand, unlike vinyl or fibreglass pools, your gunite pool will never lose its shape.

As spring approaches, it is natural to begin planning warm-weather activities. Some people focus on a summer vacation trip, but planning a vacation right in your backyard that will last all summer could be better. Adding a swimming pool to your backyard may be just what you need to get your family and friends outside on those sunny weekends and vacation weeks. If you plan to add a swimming pool for summer fun, follow the above-given construction tips to create a gunite pool.

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