6 Things to Mind When Choosing the Best Flashlight for You

May 9, 2022

Whether you're working in the garage, going to work on foot by night, or hiking in nature when it's dark, you need a flashlight to illuminate the area in front of you. With thousands of different options out there, you need to know how to pick the ultimate best for you.

It's not easy picking the right one because there are so many options. When you walk into a store or search through the internet, you come across tons of options, making it hard for you to choose only one.

In this article, we're sharing six things to mind when doing your research and choosing a flashlight. All of them will be helpful during the process, so don't skip some of them. Keep reading and see what there is to know.

1. What is the purpose of using the flashlight

The first thing to ask yourself is what you plan to use the flashlight for. Different needs will require looking for a different type of torch. For example, if you're planning to use it to work on a DIY project after work when it's dark, you'll need a headlamp, but if you're planning to go fishing before dawn, you'll want police flashlights that will provide unlimited power.

Some of them are only capable of providing a small number of lumens, but that will be enough for the DIY project, while others have the power to make the entire mountain in front of you look like it's daytime, so choose wisely.

2. What is the material the flashlight is built with?

Several materials are used for flashlight manufacturing - stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. All have their pros and cons, and depending on what you prefer, you can search for it on the market.

It's essential to know that steel is way heavier than others but more affordable and durable. Aluminum is affordable, lightweight, and durable, while titanium is expensive, durable, and extremely lightweight. Choose what is most important for you, and go with that option.

3. Is it LED or some other type of light?

Traditional incandescent lights are outdated because of many reasons. Most torches today are made with LED lights. There are other options too, but they are often more expensive and do not provide LED's amazing lighting features.

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Unlike incandescent lights, it is not so easily damageable, has no glass or gas inside, lasts up to 80 times more than traditional light bulbs, and can create way more lumens even though the device is tiny.

4. How many features does it have?

Every modern flashlight has more than one feature integrated. Some will have so many that you'll wonder if you're carrying a smartphone or a torch. Of course, the more features available means a higher price, so mind what's important for you.

Some of the best features to look for are SOS light, different brightness settings, focusing the light on one point, and other stuff. If you're often in nature and working in the darkness, you'll see that these features are highly valuable at times.

5. Is it lightweight enough?

If you're trekking, mountaineering, biking, or something that requires a lot of physical activity and carrying other luggage, you can't afford to have an oversized and heavy flashlight. Instead, you want it to be tiny and lightweight.

Some of the people doing the activities we mentioned will often opt for a headlamp, but this is not the best option for many of them. Instead, you need to look for a torch that will be lightweight enough to carry it always and possibly small and powerful enough to put it in the pocket.

6. What do the reviews say about it?

Go through the review pages to find information about the particular flashlights you're interested in. You'll find nearly any information about all products on the internet. People shopped for most items before you and already left a comment about it.

These reviews may be highly valuable for you. If you find something suitable for you, but most people claim the product is not as described, then it's clear that you'll make a mistake if you purchase it. You don't have to trust everything people say, but if more strangers on the internet agree that a product is poor, this is usually true.


When you're choosing a flashlight, you need to mind several things. We described most of them in the content above. You're now free to choose the best item among the many.

Spend some time searching through the options and looking for the one that fits your needs. Think about the type of torch you want, whether it is lightweight enough for you, how many features it provides, does it has LED, and others. Pick the right one, and enjoy the brightness.


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