7 Great Tips to Renovate Your Home

May 29, 2022


Have you ever looked at your stained walls while casually relaxing on your corner sofa and wondered, 'what a mess?' Did you manage to figure that your attic insulation is the culprit of your sky-high electricity bills?

Oh, and the leaky faucets, the peeling wall paint, the stained and scratched wooden floors, argh, everything seems like it requires repair. What a dreadful sight!

Your house is screaming 'RENOVATE'!

But where do you start? And how do you afford it all? Should you tear down the walls first? Or do you need to call a maintenance specialist to look at the electrical wiring?

Do not fret just yet; below are some tips to help get you started on your home renovation journey.

Consider Your Budget:

Ranked as the 81st most expensive city globally, it's not like you can start a project in Brisbane without any prior preparation. The first step is to sit down and consider your budget for the project. It is believed that buying a block of land in Brisbane is comparatively cheaper than building on it.
You must include all labor costs, permits, and the scope of your project. It is also a good idea to have a buffer of about 20% to account for any unexpected costs that may come up.
Depending on your project's period, you may be able to take out a home loan. It won't be so easy, though. The best way to finance your renovation project is through a low-interest personal loan, which can be used for multiple purposes.

Understand Your Requirements:

Before you swing the sledgehammer or start tearing down walls, it is essential to understand what work needs to be done. For example, if you google "kitchens Brisbane" you can explore some options and look at examples of kitchen designs that are practical with enough space to move around and store appliances. For example, you may want a spacious kitchen island while keeping the space free for movement. Or, you'd like to follow the U-shaped kitchen design.

Kitchen renovations in Brisbane may cost upward of $17,000, which is still much lower than you'd have to pay in Sydney.

Foundation is a strong system that is built to last over many years to come, but there are some situations that can occur which may cause foundation problems or foundation settling. When this happens, you’ll need to contact a foundation repair professional for an inspection.

You may need to reconfigure your existing layout or install new cabinets and countertops. The same goes for your bathroom. It would be best to consider whether you want a shower, tub, or both.

You also need to consider the materials you want to use for your renovation. Sustainability is a significant factor in home building these days. As a result, many homeowners choose eco-friendly materials that are also cost-effective in the long run.

Ensure you're staying well within your decided budget.

Create a Timeline:

You can't have an indefinite timeline for your renovation project; this will only cost you more money. Once you know what you want and how much you can shell out on the project, ask yourself how much time you need to complete the project.

Keep in mind that most contractors are booked solid for at least six months in advance, so you may need to factor that into your timeline.

If you're planning on doing most of the work yourself, you can be flexible with your timeline. Just make sure you don't bite off more than you can chew!

Hire a Contractor:

You weren't planning on taking the DIY route for your entire project, were you? Unless you're a professional contractor yourself, hiring one for at least part of the job is always good.

They will be able to get the job done faster and have access to better quality materials and equipment.

When hiring a contractor, get at least three quotes and references. Check their credentials and make sure they are licensed and insured.

You should also have a clear contract outlining the work scope, timeline, and payment schedule.

Ensure your contractor and you are on the same page before the project starts. Miscommunication can cost you many dollars and even put your safety at risk.

Empty the House:

Home renovation means dust and debris (lots of it) will be flying around your house. Therefore, it is best to empty the house before the work begins. If that's not possible, then at least clear out a path from the front door to each room that's being worked on.

It will help minimize the amount of dust and debris that gets tracked through your home. However, you should also think about your high-end, statement furniture pieces. Do you want them caked in the dust with streaks of paint?

If not, it is best to remove them from the house or cover them up. Then, you can look for a storage unit or ask a friend or family member to store them for you.

Oh, please cover the flooring too!

Now is also an excellent time to remove personal items from the walls, such as photos and paintings. You don't want these things to get lost or damaged during the renovation process.

Take Care of Your Pets:

Do you have an entire team of fur balls running around your house? If so, you'll need to make arrangements for them during the renovation.

The last thing you want is for your furry friend to escape while the door is open or get injured by a power tool. The best option is to send them off to doggy daycare or have a friend or family member take them for a few days.

If that's not possible, you'll need to keep them in a separate room off-limits to the contractors. Ensure this room is well-ventilated and has everything they need, such as food, water, toys, and bedding.

Make Preparations for Yourself:

Now that you have nicely dealt with all the essentials, it is time to think about yourself. For example, if you're staying in the house during the renovation, you need to make sure you have a comfortable place to sleep and eat.

That means setting up a makeshift bedroom and kitchen in another part of the house (preferably one that is not being renovated).

It is best to stay with friends or family during the renovation if possible. It will help minimize the stress and disruption in your life.


It's natural to have huge expectations from your home renovation project. After all, you are changing your most prized possession - your home.

But don't forget that a renovation is also a huge undertaking. There will be dust, debris, and plenty of disruptions. The key is to manage your expectations and prepare yourself (and your house) for the project.

The joy you'll experience when you set foot in your newly renovated home will be well worth it!


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