7 Tips For Green Spring Cleaning

May 23, 2022

As the weather starts to warm and we see the Earth brimming with life and lushness again, most of us think of starting anew. After the gloomy winter weather, more daylight reveals some of the dirt and grime buildup that requires your attention. With spring also comes more energy, thanks to the increased exposure to sunshine, motivating us to do some spring cleaning.

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But before you tie your hair back and start spring cleaning, you may want to consider a few tips on making your annual spring cleaning greener.

1. Hire A Skip Bin

If you’re expecting large amounts of waste from your spring-cleaning project, consider hiring a skip bin. With a reliable skip bin hire, you can ensure your waste is properly disposed of and won’t end up in landfills, forested areas, and other illegal spaces. Skip bin providers ensure every waste will be reused, recycled, or decomposed according to industry regulations.

To know more about skip bin solutions, check out a reputable waste management company’s website at www.cobrawaste.com.au.

By handling waste responsibly, skip bin companies contribute to environmental efforts and safety.

2. Open The Windows

Even if you don’t use chemicals in your home, your indoor air probably contains more pollutants than the outside air. Your furniture, cooking, and pets all put compounds in the air that you’re better off not breathing. So, to remove these microscopic pollutants, open your windows and let fresh air into your home as soon as the weather permits. This helps clear the air and makes it easier to breathe.

If you wish to add a fresh scent to your home, skip the chemical-based air fresheners and go with essential oils instead. You can use an essential oil diffuser to circulate a fresh scent into your home. To make the most out of your essential oils, you can add a few drops to your cleaning products.

3. Utilize Plants

Another way to purify your indoor air is to use plants. Plants make decorative home elements, but they also help keep your home cleaner and fresher.

The best houseplants can purify the air by removing and absorbing dust, carbon dioxide (CO2), toxins, and other pollutants. This can help keep your home clean and create a healthier environment by reducing allergic reactions, preventing illness, providing psychological benefits, and many more.

Some of the best air-purifying house plants may include:

  • Snake Plant
  • Devil’s Ivy
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Spider Plant
  • Weeping Fig
  • Rubber Plant
  • Aloe Vera
  • Philodendron

4. Eliminate Clutter

Spring is the best time to clean out your closets and purge them of unwanted, damaged, or outgrown clothes and other items.

Other than your closet, you should look around to see if other areas in your house are cluttered. Maybe it’s books or toys messily shoved onto shelves. Check your drawers and cabinets and get rid of things you don’t use, want, or need.

While you can simply stuff these items in a large bag and toss them outside, why not donate or recycle them? It allows you to dispose of stuff in an eco-friendly way while helping others in need. Plus, you get to enjoy a decluttered home.

5. Ditch Non-Toxic Cleaners

In the past, manufacturers of chemical cleaning solutions have convinced people that the annual cleaning ritual requires heavy-duty, chemical-laden cleaners to be successful. However, as more people become more conscious of their environmental impact, natural, non-toxic cleaners have become a preferred solution.

Whether it’s your grimy sink, water-stained windows, or moldy floors, most cleaning projects can be handled with a simple solution of water, vinegar, and baking soda. There’s also no shortage of recipes for natural, homemade cleaners on the internet that you can try.

6. Opt For Reusable Cloths And Cleaning Tools

Stop using rolls of paper towels to clean surfaces. For a greener option, try using rags from clothes you no longer wear. You can use a mop with a washable pad instead of using throwaways.

If you have an old toothbrush, use that to scrub hard-to-reach crevices or corners. Instead of buying polyester sponges, use absorbent cloths instead. They work like sponges for cleaning your windows and other surfaces.

7. Hang Dry The Laundry

Spring also means changing the curtains, bedsheets, and pillow covers. Washers and dryers can help you wash these items easily, but they’re not that eco-friendly. They use electricity and a fair amount of water.

To save energy and water, you should consider handwashing. Unfortunately, hand washing large items like curtains can be time-consuming and messy, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. So, if you can’t skip the washing machine, you can skip the dryer instead and hang dry your clothes.

It allows you to take advantage of the warm weather to dry your clothes, bedding, curtains, and more. It reduces your carbon footprint, and you’ll avoid the risk of clothing shrinkage.


With the first bloom signaling the start of a new season, it’s time to clean your home and get it ready for bright, sunny days.

Always keeping sustainability in mind, incorporate simple changes in your spring-cleaning routine, such as the tips given above. Doing so will lessen your exposure to toxic chemicals while reducing your negative environmental impact and still get your house sparkly clean for the warm season ahead.


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