9 Fantastic Facts About Solar Energy and Solar Panels

May 25, 2022

Using solar energy and solar panels, we can capture the vast amounts of energy that the sun provides us. Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is a clean and renewable source of power. Going green and moving to solar energy might be the solution to your quest for a more eco-friendly house! Switch to solar energy now with the help of Solar Sun Surfer.

You can sell excess electricity back to the grid

Many countries including Ireland allow you to sell your excess electricity to the grid. This allows you to make the most of your solar panels and will be a healthy revenue stream for owners of solar pv panels in Ireland.

Here are 9 Facts About Solar Energy and Solar Panels

Solar power is the most abundant energy source on earth

An complete year's worth of human energy demands can be met by the solar energy that falls on Earth every hour. If we could simply catch one hour's worth of solar energy annually, we could keep all of the oil, coal, and natural gas on the earth. That's the scope of the challenge.

To put that in context, the Mojave Desert could produce twice as much power as the United States does each year if it were covered with solar panels.

Solar power is the fastest-growing energy source

According to experts, solar power generated more new energy last year than every other kind of energy production combined, indicating the dawning of a "new age." Global grids increased two-thirds of their capacity in 2016 from renewable sources, according to the International Energy Agency, although solar power was the most successful.

Solar is the cheapest source of energy in the world

IEA's World Energy Outlook 2020 concluded that solar power is currently the cheapest energy in history, and this new analysis follows suit. The forecast indicated that in most major nations, technology is cheaper than coal and gas.

According to the IEA's Net Zero by 2050 assessment, carbon neutrality can be achieved by the year 2050, but only if major adjustments are made. This involves significant reductions in the usage of coal, oil, and gas, as well as large investments in renewable energy.

Today, solar panel efficiency is higher than ever

An extremely effective solar cell has been built by scientists, making it possible to generate power from direct sunlight with a 44.5 percent conversion rate. The efficiency of solar power generation at this time is just approximately 25%. Multiple layers of solar technology are stacked into a single cell to create the remarkable device. Each layer absorbs a distinct part of the sunlight spectrum.

Solar panels can produce power without direct sunlight

Cloudy days and winter months may still provide power even though solar panels are most efficient whenever the sun is shining. In contrast, no power can be generated at night, although a storage system may alleviate this concern.

The expense of a solar battery storage system may be offset by selling surplus energy back to the national grid and by the advantage of being completely self-sufficient. Solar panels still provide free power throughout the day, which really is when it is more pricey and hence more desirable.

Solar energy can power an entire home and beyond

A house may be powered by solar panels. It is also possible to operate your complete house on solar electricity, as well as store the energy generated.

Modern solar panels and batteries allow homes to be powered totally by renewable energy at a cheaper cost than in the past. In recent years, as the usage of solar energy in residential and commercial buildings has grown, installation and panel prices have declined significantly.

You don’t have to buy solar panels outright

Rather than paying in full at the time of purchase, customers may choose solar financing, which uses methods such as loans and leases to allow them to accumulate the finances necessary to acquire a solar system.

There are two methods to pay for your own solar panel system: an upfront cash payment and a loan for your own solar panel system. The easiest way to get the most bang for your buck when going solar is to pay cash for your solar panels.

Solar increases your home value

The value of your property will likely rise if you install solar panels since they are seen as an improvement, similar to a remodeled kitchen or a completed basement. According to the findings of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, installing solar panels on a property increases its value by around $15,000 on average.

Solar energy improves world health

More patients may get the care they need because solar power systems offer a steady source of clean, dependable electricity, even in the most distant settings. Health care institutions benefit financially from the use of solar energy. Investing in additional high-priority health programs and infrastructure may take advantage of these significant budgetary savings.

Why Should You Switch to Solar Panels?

Once you put solar panels on your roof, you've achieved energy independence. Additionally, solar battery storage devices may be used to store energy for use at night and during inclement weather.

One reason to expand usage of solar energy is due to solar panel prices decreasing. Coal and natural gas are the primary sources of traditional power. To top it all off, they're hazardous to the environment and have a finite supply.

What are You Waiting For? Switch To Solar Panels Now!

There is no one who can monopolize the sun's energy, which is much more abundant than humans could possibly need. Even though you'll save money as soon as you switch on your solar power system, the benefits of solar electricity are most apparent over the long run. The more time you spend with your solar power system, the greater you gain from it and the more you do to help the environment.

At the very least, we have sunlight beaming on our planet. We may as well reap the rewards of converting that energy into clean, renewable power.


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