A Quick Estimation Of Party Bus Rental Prices: Complete Guide 2022

May 10, 2022


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Typically, the  party bus rental price ranges from $100-$220 per hour across the nation. However, usually, it costs around $530-$624 to hire a party bus rental. It means the average price of getting party bus rental services is $600. Some factors also impact the total cost of a party bus rental which include the time when you want to rent a party bus, the type of party bus, request for additional or special features, the number of passengers, and party bus packages. Usually, the party buses are rented for prom season, birthdays, bachelor parties, sporting events, wine tours, shuttle rental for wedding, and sports tours.


What are the Factors That Affect Party Bus Rental Prices?

Each time you rent a party bus or limo from FnA Bus Charter you rent an experience. Your customers do not just make payment for the one-way trip, or different stops ride; rather they also pay for the driver's time to and from the business terminal and the time spent to prepare the vehicle earlier to departure. For example, it requires an hour and a half for a party bus driver to get ready for the job before they pick up a ride. This means it requires three hours of work for one hour of riding in the vehicle.

1. Distance of the Ride

The total price of a party bus rental is affected by the distance needed to travel by the ride. Limos and party buses are provided in the time blocks of four hours. It means if someone needs a party bus for just one hour he will be charged with the base rate of four hours.

Moreover, if a client rents your party bus just to drive to and from a special occasion, the client will also be charged for the wait time through the passengers are not using the bus for travel anywhere. To transport a large number of people to special events like bachelor parties or weddings it could be worth considering the marginal extra cost while hiring Party Bus Rental For Wedding.

2. Time of Year 

Most of the party bus rental companies will offer discounts on their party bus rentals during the slower times of the year from January to March. But they charge normal or high prices during the Spring and Fail seasons.


3. Day of the Week 

Weekdays from Sunday to Thursday are considered as the slow days for most of the party bus rental companies. If you want to save some amount of money on party bus rental then you should book your party bus on one of these days. But if you want to rent a party bus rental for either Friday or Saturday night then you may have to pay normal or premium prices.

4. Time of Day

The prime time for party buses starts after 5 p.m. which means the prices will likely be higher than usual to reserve party bus rentals for the evening. If a birthday party, special event, or bachelorette party is expected to go into the starting hours of the morning most of the companies will charge additional charges. So, you can choose the best time to rent your party bus by asking the customer service of the company while making a reservation.

What is the cost of renting a party bus according to Type of Party bus?

The overall cost of a party bus gets affected by how many passengers it can accommodate and the amenities you want to have in your party bus. The type of party bus rentals includes stretch limousines, luxury party buses, limo-buses, SUVs, and Escalade party vehicles like stretch hummers. Most of the passengers or coach buses feature some special amenities like laser lights, sound systems, and DVD players. All such kinds of extras will add to the cost of a Luxury Party Bus Rental.

Except that gas cost for each vehicle is also one of the important factors affecting the party bus rental cost. Some party buses require almost 3 to 4 gallons per mile based on passengers on the bus.

Here is an estimated party bus rental price:

30 Passengers Party Bus: It costs $100-130 per hour with a minimum block time of four hours

40 Passengers Party Bus: It costs $150-180 per hour with a minimum block time of four hours

50 Passengers Party Bus: It costs $200-220 per hour with a minimum block time of four hours

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