An effective way of Air Condition Management

May 21, 2022

Human beings always seek comfort. So along with offices and industry, the use of AC has increased a lot in homes and apartments. In that case, correct knowledge about AC can solve all kinds of problems. We may not know how to install AC and what is the size according to room space. Moreover, the dimension of AC and the cost of electricity also matter. Let us know these aspects before installing an air conditioner system. The only brand would not fulfil all demands. As well as Television or Computer AC should buy understandably. If you are confused then you can contact an AC installation company.

All ACs in the market are given a 'star' rating depending on the cost of electricity. This rating is given by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The rating is from 1 to 5. 'Five stars' AC means the least amount of electricity will burn. Five-Star AC of the same ton and brand is priced higher than other models. Even if the price goes up at the time of purchase, the more star-filled AC you buy in the future, the better for you. The bigger the AC, the colder the house will be, the calculation is not like that. There is a list of how many tons of AC are needed according to the size of the house. Buying a bigger AC than required will not be cold enough. Here is the chart: 120 square feet house requires 0.75-ton AC, 121 to 150 square feet house requires 1 ton AC, 151 to 250 square feet house needs 1.5-ton AC, 251 to 400 square feet house needs 2 ton or more AC. If the house is bigger than this, go to the showroom of a big brand or an AC installation company. They will provide appropriate suggestions.

Split AC is now installed in almost all the houses. These ACs look much slimmer than window ACs. Moreover, it does not even sit by a window. But for those who move house frequently, Windows ACE is good, because split AC is easier to install than Windows AC, but its re-installation charge is relatively high. Other than that, these two types of AC burn more or less the same amount of electricity. However, if the house is big, it is better not to buy a window AC. When buying an AC, make sure that there is no noise in the AC. Noise is much lower in split ACs. Better to sleep or work in peace. If budget is not a problem, buy reverse cycle AC so that you can enjoy cool air in summer and hot air in winter. They cost a lot more than ordinary ACs.

Installing AC in all the rooms of the house is quite expensive. In that case, buy a window or split AC for the master bedroom and buy another portable AC which can be easily moved from one room to another. Portable ACs cost less than usual. But the life of AC depends on the indoor air. If polluted air accumulates in the house, the house does not cool down properly. Good brand ACs have good air filters. Keep this in mind when buying an AC.

The AC you are buying should have an adjustable thermostat, two cooling speeds and at least two fan speeds so that the cooling can be controlled as desired at room temperature. After-sales service is important for any home appliance. So before buying an AC, do good research on how good the service of the company is. If you are living in a humid climate, it is better not to buy AC coils that are made of aluminium. Aluminium coils rust very quickly, gas leaks and the house does not cool down. So, it is always wise to buy a copper coil AC. Will work well in all climates.

The main problem with AC is the loss of cooling capacity. In this case, you have to open the net inside the AC and do dust cleaning. The user himself can open the indoor AC and wash the net in the usual way. In addition, when the cooling is completely stopped, it should be understood that the gas has run out inside the AC. In this case, you can refill the gas through the customer service representatives of the concerned organization. The service charge will have to be paid when the time for providing after-sales service has passed.

So, let's not know all the above details properly before buying AC. Because AC is a high investment in your home. Therefore, it is better to think carefully before buying it. At present, there are lots of refrigerators of domestic and foreign brands available in the market. Prices vary by organization and size. In addition, before buying an AC, you can learn how to repair an AC.


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