An Expert’s Guide To Modern Coastal Interior Design

May 5, 2022

Modern coastal interiors may sound like an oxymoron– but hear us out! The crisp lines and geometric shapes of modern interiors with the effortless appeal of coastal design. Doesn’t that sound divine? If you are looking for fresh and effortless interior design, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’re sharing easy ways to transform your home into a minimalist beachy paradise. Let’s dive in.

Pick a Serene Color Palette

When it comes to incorporating coastal aesthetics into a modern home, the color palette is something that needs a lot of thought. You can’t necessarily pick bright beachy hues or lackluster minimalist shades. We urge you to come up with a happy medium with sage green, powder blue, light yellow, moss green, and cool gray. The color palette should be reminiscent of seaside serenity without overwhelming the space.

Incorporate Natural Textures

Add character to your interiors with natural textures. A variety of natural textures on your walls, floors and ceiling delivers the required depth. Strategically using different textures will help you create a well-balanced space that’s also visually interesting. We recommend using jute, distressed wood, clay accessories, and more for an earthy allure.

Maximize Natural Light

Natural light is an indispensable element of modern coastal homes. Instead of covering up your windows with heavy drapes, go for light filtering sheer curtains or custom roman shades. Moreover, you can also hang up mirrors to make a room appear bigger and brighter.

Forgo Perfection

Tightly tucked-in bedsheets? Flawlessly matching furniture? Impeccably symmetrical layout? While these are a few lovely choices, they don’t necessarily fit with a coastal theme. It’s time to forgo perfection and embrace little quirks.

Put Up Abstract Art

Art will save your home from looking too simple and boring. In particular, you should go for abstract art and photography that capture the spirit of a sunny shore.

Strip Back with Woven Elements

From a straw sun hat to a wicker basket bag, woven products are a fixture on the beach. And these items make the perfect inspiration for your coastal interiors. Woven textures add warmth, which your home might lack if you only focus on minimalist elements. Instead of plush lounge seating, you should consider cushioned wicker chairs and a matching coffee table.

Keep It Minimal

Too many things will hinder your effort to create the easy-breezy ambiance of a modern coastal home. It would be best to focus on a simple layout without cluttering the space with eclectic knick-knacks. Light and air interiors make you feel relaxed and happy, which is exactly what you would expect from a modern coastal home.

Dress Up Contemporary Pieces

An ultra-modern piece of furniture might look odd with the rest of your coastal decor. However, there’s an easy fix for that– linen! Linen is a versatile fabric that can instantly make any space feel cozy. You can drape a linen throw over contemporary furniture for an inviting appeal.

Avoid Kitschy Cliches

From seashell-lined mirrors to starfish wall hangings, you don’t need quintessential beach elements for coastal interiors. Avoid kitschy decor that will make your home look like a rustic beach shack instead of a chic living space.

Elevate Your Floors

A dark-stained hardwood floor is a classic choice but might not work for a beachy theme. If you are keeping the walls and rest of the decor relatively simple, why not have fun with the floors? Patterned tiles are an easy way to elevate your floors.

Wrapping Up

Modern coastal interiors are all about pairing soft yet vibrant elements with chic minimalism. We hope the above-mentioned tips inspire you to create interiors that exude tranquility.


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