Color of the Flooring: Design Tips and Selection

May 29, 2022

Usually, many people choose the color of the walls with special meticulousness, but for some reason, they often forget about the importance of the floor color. Meanwhile, combining the color of the floor with the ceiling and walls, as well as with various items in the interior can have a significant impact on the visual perception of space. How to select the right floor color and what techniques are typically used by designers for this – read below.

Combining floor color with ceiling and walls

It is well known that 90% of the information a person receives visually, and color plays a huge role in the perception of everything. Yes, all sorts of shades bring different associations that affect our physiological state. This has long been noticed, and over time people have learned to deceive their eyes with different combinations of shades, so you can now narrow or expand the space, make it higher or lower, as well as reduce or increase it by playing with colors.

The harmoniously chosen tone of the luxury vinyl flooring Honolulu HI will improve the interior of the room, make it unique, and if necessary will help to emphasize any details of the decor. There are some classic schemes for the right combination of shades of luxury vinyl plank flooring Hawaii with the ceiling and walls. In addition, different shades of the vinyl flooring Oahu have their own effects, which sometimes help to solve very important problems associated with the furniture arrangement. So, search for the luxury vinyl plank flooring stores near me, and follow the below tips:

  1. Combining dark flooring with pale walls and ceiling allows you to visually expand the room;
  2. Combining light floors and ceilings with dark walls allows you to emphasize the horizontality of the lines in the room;
  3. The combination of dark floors and ceilings with light walls contributes to the visual expansion of the room. At the same time, its height becomes visually reduced;
  4. The light color of the floors, back wall, and ceiling in combination with dark sidewalls allows the room to look deeper and higher;
  5. Dark floors and walls in combination with a pale ceiling create a basement effect. At the same time, the room visually becomes smaller in width but lengthens in height;
  6. If the walls and ceiling are light, then the room becomes spacious. However, in this case, keep in mind that such a room with lots of light tones will be cold;
  7. When the room and the floor, walls, and ceiling have a dark color, the room will lose its shape. This technique is used very rarely.

Combining floor color with various interior items

The combination of furniture and floor colors also plays an important role in the interior. For these two elements to co-exist, designers advise following the below recommendations:

  1. When choosing a floor, keep in mind that its color should be either two or three tones lighter or significantly darker than the furniture. The same rule should be applied when it is necessary to combine the color of the floor and stairs. It is better if it will support the tone of the door or baseboards;
  2. The same color of furniture and floor color can be combined only when there is a carpet that will create the desired contrast. The same applies to wood species if the floor and furniture are made of identical materials;
  3. The gray flooring can be combined with furniture from such dark breeds, as wenge or walnut. Also, such a floor will look good with very light furniture;

  1. What color to pick for light-colored furniture? An excessive monochromatic light palette will make the interior monotonous. Therefore, although the furniture is made of light wood, in combination with the same floor and walls, it creates a calm atmosphere in the room. However, this technique should be used with caution. In this case, the interior should include some bright contrasting details: carpets, floor lamps, paintings, curtains, and so on.
  2. A black or very dark floor is not recommended to be combined with furniture of warm and cozy tones, as cold shades are perfectly suitable for such flooring. That is why, for example, black wenge is often used in modern interior images, and classic or retro styles – vice versa.

If it is planned to lay expensive flooring, then, in this case, it is reasonable to pick up the universal color of a floor which will be harmoniously combined both with walls, doors, furniture, and other interior items. This option includes all breeds that have golden hues, as they typically do not require excellent design skills to combine them. For example, it can be ash, light oak, alder, or pine.


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