Common mistakes in the kitchen remodeling

May 24, 2022


Mistakes are almost unavoidable whichever sphere of our daily life we are talking about. But knowing the most common of them can help a lot to avoid unnecessary wasting of time, energy and money.

Rebuilding of the house is one of the most crucial investments you may face, and making a proper check of the potential traps and challenges is essential. Of course, there are so many different cases and projects and it’s almost impossible to make everything perfect, but at least you can acknowledge with the most challenging parts of the procedure.

Here we gathered some of the most usual mistakes many people do when planning and performing the renovation of the kitchen. And even if you are going to do some changes in other rooms of the house, this information still can be very useful for you.

Tips to consider

  •  Appropriate distance between “zones”. The main purpose of the kitchen is providing a comfortable place for cooking, and in this regard, you will need to carefully think how exactly you are planning to organize this process. Here you should not just follow the most recent trends in the kitchen design but to take into account your own habits and preferences. In any case, it’s highly recommended to make sure that you have enough space between different areas (like fridge, oven, stove and others), at least 3 feet. Of course, here everything fully depends on the size of the room itself, but you should use the space practically and smart in any case.
  •  Quality of the countertop. You can be surprised how many different options in regard to the materials for the kitchen countertop many contractors can offer. And the same time, there is no perfect option which will make each and every customer happy and satisfied. It’s always better to know exactly the advantages and disadvantages of particular material and to compare them with the main idea and your priorities. For example, even if you can afford to buy the most expensive granite countertop, it does not necessarily mean that you can afford regular cleaning as well (as real marble needs special attention to keep it in a good condition). Luckily, nowadays you can easily turn the quartz into artificial one but still of a great quality. The only thing we should mention is that the countertop itself is one of the most important parts of the kitchen and you should never underestimate the importance of it. Another important thing is that you need to be very careful with the usage of the glass tables. Of course, they look very stylish and can be easily used within almost every interior design but it should be of a high quality and even though you need to make sure that the heavy and sharp items are not being placed on it.
  •  Kitchen is not a store room. Sometimes it’s difficult to get rid of the things you used to deal with on a permanent basis. But sometimes it’s necessary to do. Kitchen is, first of all, a place to cook and you should not follow your habits by keeping some useless items there. Another thing is if you can adjust some items as a decoration which will make your kitchen look more authentic and original. But old machines and rarely used items definitely should not be kept in the kitchen.
  •  Wrong colors. We all have different tastes, and in regard to the kitchen design many people prefer to arrange the interior in dark colors or even in black. Yes, it looks very stylish and modern but the same moment you need to think twice before making this choice. Of course, white color is much more difficult for the cleaning procedure but black one can be also a challenge. Especially if you choose a glossy surface. But even if you choose a matte surface, some items still can be very difficult to keep in a proper condition, for example, a countertop. If you are still willing to prepare your kitchen in dark colors, it’s better to choose less difficult colors like dark brown or grey as with time totally black color will be not that “black” anymore.
  • Right measurements. If you are hiring a professional company to remodel your kitchen, it’s an essential part of their job to make sure the working areas are adjusted to your needs and preferences. But even though, it’s still up to you to make some changes. Countertop is one of the most crucial parts of the kitchen and it’s very important to make sure you feel comfortable while working there. Basically, there is a standard you can use – 35 inch but of course it fully depends on your own height. It’s better to try with the sample so you can be sure the final result will be convenient enough. Also, if you are left-handed the set will be different from the one for the right-handed people. Even the construction of the drawers and cupboards can be changed to make you feel more comfortable while doing daily routine. Moreover, this will help you to avoid some extra spending for the repairing of the cabinets if it seems to be not in appropriate position and block the access to the most commonly used areas (like the wrong position of the door when it’s open can make you easily break it by occasion).
    The width is of the same importance as the height of the equipment. In regard to the pathway and the distance between different modules it’s supposed to be wide enough to let you freely move between different locations.
  • Sink. While preparing the meals, a sink in the kitchen is one of the most crucial and essential parts. Many people nowadays try to follow the modern trends and tendencies where various designers offer very interesting and unusual interior decisions for the sinks, but as usually it should not affect the comfort of using it. Too small sink will help you to save some extra space but you may face many difficulties in regard of washing huge items or even pouring the water. If you have enough space, it’s even better to set the sink with additional wing where you can place vegetables and fruits to dry or even to arrange the place for keeping the cutleries and plates.
  • Kitchen hood. Long time ago kitchen hoods looked pretty massive and heavy and didn’t add any nice touch into the kitchen interior. Today you can easily adjust this truly important item into the overall atmosphere of the room without sacrificing too much space. You can even have a choice of different colors. The hood plays important role in keeping your furniture as well as the walls and ceiling in a good condition which is especially necessary if you are using the kitchen equipment quite often.
  • Fridge. Even if you have a big family, a so-called “double” fridge is not the best idea. And here is why. First of all, it will require a lot of space. Even if you still need to store a lot of food, it’s much better and in many cases even cheaper to get two normal fridges instead of one big plus you can easily place them separately according to the overall build of the kitchen. Secondly, if somehow one of the fridges will stop to work in case of the “double” fridge you will need to send it all to repair while it’s much simpler to send only the broken one. Finally, it’s pretty the same with a big house – as soon as the family will get smaller (it’s a common tendency that usually young generation leaves the family’s house pretty early) you will not need that huge equipment.
  • Sockets. This part of the kitchen arrangements is always recommended to forward to the professionals but from your side you should check which places and how many sockets you may need. Too low quantity will cause a lot of inconvenience, especially if you will need to charge a phone without moving back and forth across the house. The same time, too many sockets can just spoil the whole interior of the kitchen. Traditionally, it’s enough to have a few sockets for the electric equipment (you can always adjust the number by using the adaptors with several exits) and a few of them net to the table or another spot at the main area. You will need to plan the exact number and location of the sockets in advance, otherwise, when the walls are already prepared, it can lead to a great wasting of money for the last-minute changes. Important tip – if you need sockets next to the table you should make it at least 7 inch above the countertop to make it easier for the usage.
  • Details to the “difficult” parts of the kitchen. Edges or just the places between different materials as well as the corner area are the most dangerous parts as it’s very easy to get the things spoiled even by the natural effects. If the interior includes seams between different pieces of the floor and the walls, it might be pretty difficult to wash and to avoid the spread of various bacteria in comparison with the straight, united cover. The same we can say about the extra difficult surface of the wall – of course, the effect of such a modern trend will be impressive but as a “bonus” you will get much more complicated and sophisticated process of washing these surfaces. All these decorating moments should be discussed with the specialists in advance to avoid the frustration after just a few weeks of using your kitchen.
  • Professional advice. If you are arranging just small changes and touches there is no big necessity for hiring a professional designer. But as soon as you are planning really big changes, it’s crucial to have at least a proper consultation with the specialist who can tell you all the weak points of your potential project and will help you to avoid unnecessary waste of money and time. Today you can easily find many designers with different experience in various types of the kitchen (and not only) remodeling. Even if you still don’t wish to hire a person for the decoration planning, you still can find a lot of useful information online or in the specialized magazines.

To summarize, when organizing the kitchen remodeling, you need to take into account all the details starting from the size and position of the drawers and ending the kitchen equipment. Today it’s much easier to find what you need and many manufacturers offer combination of several hardware in one (for example, oven and microwave in one item). It will help you to arrange a more spacious space with everything you might need to use for preparing and setting the meals. Also, you need to try to avoid unnecessary items like too many decorative elements and small statuettes as they may cause many dust in the cooking area without proper cleaning on a daily basis.


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