Designing Your Home To Improve Well Being

May 16, 2022

Have you ever had the feeling that your home is stressing you out? If your living space is a mess, it can feel like a source of anxiety instead of a place to relax. If you work at home, it can be even harder to switch off, especially when you think about all the jobs that need doing. But what about if you tidy up, and it still doesn't feel right? It might be time to think more carefully about the design and layout of your space.

Have a clear out

It's too easy to end up with every surface crammed with junk. At first you might not even notice, but over time homes can become crowded and cluttered. A good starting point is to go through your belongings and consider what you don't really need or even want.

Sometimes we keep belongings out of habit, not because they mean something to us. Look in your utensils drawer, for example - how often do you actually use everything in it? Imagine opening the drawer to a neat, ordered sight!

Start organizing space in a way that makes sense to you - if there's somewhere to put everything, you won't ever need to just leave it on the table or shove it in a corner.

The layout of furniture can have a dramatic effect on how it feels to be in the space, and good storage is essential. Experiment with open, spacious layouts, or opt for cosy, warm areas, depending on how the room is used.

Try to create some areas of your home that feel clear and clean, and it will help your head feel clearer, too. You'll enjoy the sense of space and light.

Think about lighting

Talking of light, it's an important part of creating a peaceful, comforting space. Different types of light create different effects, so have a think about how you want to feel in different spaces.

Lots of bright natural light is perfect during the day, but as the afternoon turns to evening, you might want to opt for softer lighting to create a warming glow. Experiment with small lamps, candles, and even firelight to make a cosy ambience.

Bring the outside in

More and more research is showing the healing powers of nature and the importance of spending time outside, by water or trees. Space, colours, smells, and patterns in nature influence our brain and our mood.

Whether or not you have access to a garden, you can think about how to minimize the division between indoors and outdoors. Do you have views out onto trees? Make the most of them with a clear window ledge or careful positioning of furniture.

Think about incorporating some natural textures like wood furniture. Could you have indoor plants or a water feature, like an aquarium? You could even treat yourself to fresh flowers!

Freshen it up

On the theme of nature, air is important too! Have you got enough airflow? Could you open the windows to freshen things up?

A simple dehumidifier can help a damp space, or a nice diffuser with a nature-inspired scent could really help if you don't like the smell of your home. Plenty of fresh air will help you breathe better and feel more alert and energised.

Choose technology with care

Take a moment to think about what screens and technology you want in your house, and how visible you want them to be. Choose their placement carefully to influence the mood in the room.

When you're not working, you don't need your laptop to be centre-stage, and research suggests it can be a good idea to turn off the technology sometimes!

Likewise, think about the noise that fills your home. Sometimes lively music on the radio is just want you want, but other times, try switching it off to give your brain a rest and not feel over-stimulated.

Investing in new flooring

New wooden floors can change the look of many rooms in your home. Going for an eco-friendly type of flooring is a choice many homeowners are going for nowadays. Engineered wood flooring seems to be the optimal choice. You have a great selection ranging from chevron flooring to herringbone flooring. Homeowners looking to redesign the home may go for the luxurious Versailles Panels.

What helps your spirits soar?

Think about your personality and character, and how the way you decorate your space can help you feel authentic and joyful. Bright, light, minimalist spaces can be calming and reduce anxiety.

You might want to experiment with colour, too - maybe you have photos from your travels or taken on special occasions with friends, books that you love, or art that you've collected.

Whatever you display, do it intentionally and in a way that makes you smile when you look round your living space.

We spend so much time in our houses that it's no surprise that they can impact our emotions and mood. One of the best ways to bring about a long term change in how you feel is to create conditions at home that promote health and well-being.

As these suggestions show, it doesn't need to be a complete renovation. Small changes can have a big effect, and improve your well-being, making your home a place of comfort and peace.

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