Do Blackout Curtains Go On The Inside Or Outside?

May 28, 2022

Curtains are needed in every hostel, hotel, hospital, movie theater, private residence, and many other places. They add a certain softness to the room. Curtains help by blocking light and sound. Today we will talk about blackout curtains. Many people ask, "Do blackout curtains go on the inside or outside?"

Technically, curtains are made of lightweight fabric. But as I talk about blackout curtains, they are made of double-lined, tightly woven fabric. These curtains can control 100% of light and noise. If you think about "Do blackout curtains go on the inside or outside? So this article is for you. Let's talk about the sides of blackout curtains.

The 2 Sides Of Blackout Curtains

Before reading this article, there were many things about blackout curtains you didn't know. Maybe you are still confused about whether blackout curtains go inside or outside. Don't worry, we will clear it well.

If we are talking about blackout curtains' sides, we know that curtains have two sides. The difference between these two sides is in the fabric and color.

Blackout curtains are created by a combination of polyester, cotton, and nylon. Three layers of white foam apply to the back of the blackout curtains. Before using the blackout curtains, you should know which side is correct and which is wrong for hanging the Linen curtains.

Side Of Blackout Curtains Close To The Window

Are you confused about the side of the blackout curtains? Which side of the curtains is correct for window-facing and which is wrong? Both sides of the blackout curtains have white fabric.

Feel the surface of the curtains; one side will feel smooth, and the other will feel rough. The rough side is the right side and should face the roadside. The textile side should align with the window. Now we will talk about the characteristics of the inside blackout curtain side.

Characteristics Of Inside Used Blackout Curtain Side

Blackout curtains protect the entire area of a room with their great layering. After reading this article, you can understand the most important feature of blackout curtains. People use lining and sheer to enhance the look and style of their interior.

1. Layering Is The Most Important

The most common and easiest way to double up blackout curtains is layering. Before hanging the blackout curtains, consider which side the curtains have layering.

On your interior side of the room, the left side of the blackout curtains is the right. You can double up on curtains by layering them for more benefits. Layering gives you benefit: it enhances privacy and reduces noise. Sheer and drapes are the most common methods for layering.

2. Lining Should Be Ideal

Blackout lining is a layer of foam in the back of curtains made of thick fabric to control the sunlight from outside to inside. The lining not only helps to keep sunlight out but also keeps the room cool and gives a pleasant atmosphere.

3. Some Add-Ons Can Be Employed

The most popular way to layer the curtains is to place blackout curtains with sheer curtains. You can add sheers to your curtains to provide extra privacy at night and day. Sheer curtains are lightweight fabrics to cover your windows and add an instant look to your interior.

How Should The Blackout Curtains Look From Outside?

Blackout curtains are available in a wide range of light and dark colors. You cannot see through blackout curtains because they are created by a thick layer of foam across the back of the fabric to ensure privacy.

The back of the blackout curtain color should always look lighter from the outside than from the inside. People can not see through the blackout color from the outside because of the thick layer of fabric.


We hope after reading our article you find an answer. Do blackout curtains go on the inside or outside? We clearly mentioned the sides of blackout curtains and gave you the correct method of hanging blackout curtains. We have also told you how you can double up your blackout curtains from outside or inside with the help of sheers and drapes.



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