Do You Use a Storage Unit? Five Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You're Making

May 24, 2022


Self-storage units can be incredibly useful in numerous ways. For instance, you could need temporary storage while you move house or you could need storage for your business’s excess stock and paper files.

Whatever your reason for using a storage unit, you could well be making mistakes that you are not even aware of.

Here are five mistakes that you are probably already making and will want to resolve.

1. Neglecting to Find the Best Storage Facility

Do you simply use the local storage facility that you know about or do you spend time looking at the various options available?

Many people make the mistake of not comparing storage facilities to see how they differ. But by taking the time to compare storage units, you can find ones for the cheapest price and ones that have all the features you need, such as a good security system and units you can access easily.

For instance, there are fifty-one storage units available in Los Angeles within a fifteen-mile radius. Only by comparing each one, which you can quickly and easily do with an online self-storage finder, can you find the cheapest storage in Los Angeles.

2. Skimping on the Size of the Storage Unit

When you spend time finding the cheapest unit, you can avoid falling into the trap of skimping on the size of your unit to save a few dollars.

It is never a good idea to get a unit that is so small that you end up having to squeeze all of your items into it. By doing so, you run the risk of damaging your possessions.

It can also be much more difficult to find specific items when you need them. For instance, if all your items are tightly packed into the unit and the item you want is at the back, you could have to spend valuable time unpacking everything in your unit to find the item and then repacking your storage unit.

3. Forgetting to Plan Well

Following on from the last point, in order to find items in storage when you need them, it is vital that you plan well.

In addition to not overpacking the unit, you should clearly label boxes so you know exactly what is in them. You should also put boxes that you may need near the front of the unit.

Furthermore, it is best to leave enough space in your unit so that there is a defined path that enables you to move through the unit and access anything you may need later on.

4. Packing Items Badly

Another common mistake that people make when using storage units is not packing their belongings well.

Breakables like glasses should be wrapped in bubble wrap and carefully boxed to ensure they do not become damaged while moving your items and packing them in your unit.

Use blankets and towels to cover anything that could be easily damaged. For instance, wooden furniture could easily get scratched during the unit packing if it is not protected by a covering.

Furthermore, you need to box and wrap items to prevent dust from building up while they are in storage.

You should also use high-quality moving boxes rather than old cardboard boxes from your local store to ensure boxes do not become crushed and items do not become damaged.

5. Not Keeping a Record

You should always keep an accurate record of the items you place into storage. If you do not, it could be easy to forget which items are in storage and which are not.

If that should happen, you could waste valuable time searching for things at home or in the unit.

So, whether you are placing items into storage while you spring clean or move home, make a list of everything as you pack each item away.







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One comment on “Do You Use a Storage Unit? Five Mistakes You Probably Don’t Realize You're Making”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that packing is an important thing to do optimally when using storage units. I'd like to rent one soon because I plan to look for a new place to move to. As such, it would be best to start looking for ways to temporarily store my furniture.

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